Church Chili Cook-off

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Jan 18, 2021
Merriam, KS
Made a pot of Over the Top chili for the church chili cook-off. Threw it together Saturday afternoon. What a beautiful fall day.

Looks and tastes good.

The pot turned out great, but.
I got my butt kicked. There was so much good chili there. Those ladies smoked me.
Honestly, I think we were all winners! We had a great time. And I will add I didn't take any home, it was all gone.
Sure does look good , and sounds like a great time .

Did your SmokeFire come with that lower grate or did you buy that ?
Mighty fine looking chili Colin, and don't worry about not beating the elder ladies. They're part of a fraternity that will never let an outsider or newbie win one of their comps.

Point for sure
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Sure does look good , and sounds like a great time .

Did your SmokeFire come with that lower grate or did you buy that ?
I bought that, Rich. I had bought a number of the accessories for the GBS on my Performer and really like using them. Especially that sear grate. Thanks for asking.
Looks good! No wonder there's none left! Ann started a pot of chili yesterday. Will be having that tonight. Well, probably sooner. Insomnia struck again. So, it will more than likely be a lunch.
You must not sleep good often? Most of your posts seem to come by 4-5am. I don't want to roll out of bed until 9.30am and that is on a work day.
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It looked really good Colin! And an empty pot tells you just that. Was beautiful here as well... sunny, 60, and calm winds.

Man that’s a great looking chili. Like others have said… you can’t beat the church ladies at their own game. And the pot came home empty. So still a win.
Monday through Friday I'm up at 2:30 for work. It just sucks I tend to wake up at 2:30. Or earlier on my days off quite often.
Yep, six days a week I’m up at 5am for work. Today was my day off, I was gonna sleep in. Nope. Up at 6 drinking coffee. At Kroger for a grocery run at 7 am. Bryce and the dog still snoring st 10am.

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