Busy Day!

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Sep 5, 2020
My daughter is arriving tomorrow so I made a pot of smoked brisket chili. I’ll also make cast iron frying pan cornbread to go with it. I still need to work on my brisket skills. It got to 190 and I started probing. I wanted it less than what you might do if you were serving it. I don’t want it to disintigrate after simmering in the chili. I got to where it seemed right, but ended up more done than I was shooting for. It tastes great though. I lucked out on the weather while smoking. It was cold, but clear and no wind. I fired up the patio heater and spent the day outside. I did the bacon, onions, and peppers on the bbq so as not to smell up the house too much. I’ll let it simmer today then will serve it tomorrow after it melds. It tastes really good now though.

I also baked a pasta dish for the women’s shelter. For a while, every burner on the stove was busy! A great way to spend a morning!




Looks good to me! i'll take big bowl of chili. And I'm sure ladies will enjoy the heck outta that pasta.

Brisket chili and corn bread is a home coming meal for sure! Very nice!
I for one love the smell of bacon and onions cooking in the house or outside .

Brisket looks great for me and into a chili, big bowl for me. I am sure your daughter will love it .

And nice of you to make the baked pasta for the shelter.

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Gonna be delicious! Glad you can still enjoy some time outdoors... our time is coming for sure!

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