Chile Sausage

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Smoke Blower
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Jan 18, 2017
                           Chili Sausage

  Our family has always liked sausages that could be used in sandwiches. Pork sausage with the sauerkraut built in. Steak sausage with peppers onions and Italian cheese already in there.
  Over the years I have developed recipes that have become staples, but one of our favorites has been this chili sausage recipe. I guess we just like Southwest U.S. food!
  First I have to give credit to the man who developed the ingredients and amounts that this recipe is based on. Bill Pfeiffer won the World Championship Chile Cookoff back in the early 1980’s. Twice in fact. I will post that recipe at the end——the recipe is in the public domain and if you like to cook ( it’s a little time consuming ) but the end results are amazing.
  So lets get to it!!!
When these are stuffed we like to simmer them in a beer ( water ) and a chili sauce. This is optional, so if you decide to do that, measure all the dry ingredients twice using two separate containers. Put the one to the side for the simmering sauce later on.
1/2 Tb  oregano
1  Tb    paprika
1  Tb    MSG  ( Accent )
5 1/2  Tb  Chili powder
2   Tb   cumin
2   Tb   beef bullion crushed—-I use 4 or 5 cubes crushed
1   Tb.  mole pablano——-can be hard to find—-skip if you can’t find it
2   tsp  sugar
2   tsp coriander seed——-I use 1 tsp of ground
1  15 oz. can tomato sauce,    divide in half, half for the sausage, half for the sauce
2   tsp salt    salt to your taste, the wife makes me lower it, darn women!
1    tsp hot sauce      to taste, I prefer more, the wife doesn’t
2    medium onions    you can fine mince——I grind with the meat
4   cloves of garlic      you can fine mince——I grind them with the meat

3 lbs. chuck    grind thru 3/16 plate—-this time I used top sirloin (on sale)
1 lb. butterfly pork chop——you want the white meat
1 lb. chuck
  Cut the two one lb. pieces in to small 1/4 pieces——if your lazy, grind with 3/8 plate
  Mix all ingredients thoroughly ——-you may add a little water if needed.
Place in fridge till next morning. Optional: I don’t usually refrigerate my sausage paste, it can make stuffing casings difficult, but this is one time that the flavor profile benefits.
  Stuff into 29 to 32 mm hog casings. I link mine at 6 to 8 inch but you probably don’t have to.
  I will vac bag and freeze some the way they are. Some I will cook up with the sauce and if any are left ( a rarity ) I will vac bag them with the sauce and freeze.
   Sausage is prepared.  Next I’ll explain how we cook ‘em up.
  Take the second container of spices, add some chopped onion, some hot sauce and some beer or (water). Not to much, the sausage will release juices as it simmers (you may have to prick the casings). Do as the Germans say, always start your sausage in cold liquid. Simmer on low until done. Keep an eye on the sauce. Don’t let it get to dry or to runny, you want to be able to spoon some on your sandwich if desired.
  Use your imagination with this recipe——-nothing has to be exact, including how you use the finished product.
  We usually use a steak roll with the sausage, a dab of sour cream, some sauce, some fresh chopped onion and some shredded cheddar.
 Enjoy folks

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