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  1. F

    Replace chimney with vent?

    Hey all, I recently bought a Camp Chef Smokepro SG24. Im pretty happy with the grill, so far, but have one issue with it...the chimney position on the back. If you own this grill or one like it you know its flattened off on the back instead of rounded like Treager. When Im not using it, I...
  2. W

    Smoke Vault 24 Mod Questions and Mod show off

    Hi All, Still new to smoking as I bought my first smoker last year, a SV24 and have a few mod questions and also wanted to show off a mod I just made. My ultimate goal is get it to a "set it and forget" type smoker. I know I can buy a different smoker but I'm a techie and love building things...
  3. Thunderbug23

    Newbie Need Help

    So I been cooking on a WSM Wanted a offset so I bought a Old Country Pecos because it was the best bang for your buck, so I’ve cooked on it 3 times having issues every time I close the door the fire goes out so I have to leave the door open half way and I'm getting 20 minutes before I have to...
  4. R

    Lang Hybrid Smoker mod question

    I apologize for the length and am fully aware this might be a really bad idea but... Has anyone put a couple of half-moon doors/flaps/pinwheels in the vertical wall between the smoking chamber and chargrill on a hybrid model? One would be on the top half and one on the bottom. This should allow...
  5. J

    Weber Kettle pellet cooker

    Google suggested this to me. Haven't seen it anywhere else. Somebody wants to make a pellet cooker addon for the old kettle. I guess if it's cheap why not. Anyone know anything about this thing or the guy making it?
  6. nkpal624

    First Smoker Mods

    I went to the hardware store and picked up some supplies and with the help of amazon, hopefully I now have a well-sealed smoker. I have been using a cheap offset smoker for the past 6 months since I started smoking and decided to try to add some things to even-off the temperature at the grates...
  7. C

    New guy from Chicago

    Just starting out and ordered a RecTec pellet grill after spending a number of years with a Weber kettle. Was curious if anyone here has tried to add a Camp Chef Sear Station to a non-Camp Chef pellet grill.