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  1. B

    Can I low and slow with the Char-broil 3in1 smoker?

    Hey everyone. I have just bought the Char-broil 3in1 smoker “the big easy”. Does anyone know if you can achieve low n slow method of smoking with it? Failing that, any good tasty smoked meat recipes for a complete beginner at smoking? many thanks.
  2. Bvaught3921


    Anyone have a good/simple smoked chili recipe for the WSM?
  3. Bvaught3921

    First timer

    I recently got a Weber Smokey mountain 14.5. I was hoping to get a few simple recipes/advice for my first few smokes! Thanks
  4. L

    Venison Summer Sausage

    This is my first attempt at venison summer sausage. Got the meat, spices and cure mixed. Wrapped it in plastic stuck in the fridge. Recipe called for letting it sit for 12-24 hours. I'm using Anthony's Pink Curing Salt #1. Problem is, it looks like work is going to interfere with the timing...
  5. T

    Beginner needing advice on smoking in bad weather, any help would be appreciated!

    Hello all, So I've been interested in cooking (with a bigger interest in meat) for a while now, and I love BBQing. Today, my first smoker arrives! I have a landmann kentucky smoker arriving (I know it's not the favourite smoker amongst the pro's but it'll do for a beginner), and honestly I CAN...
  6. I


    Hey guys! First of all, I would like to welcome myself to what appears to be a wonderful forum of enthusiastic smokers :) Now, on to more pressing matters: HELP I have a smoker at home and whenever I try to smoke a brisket or steak without any dry rub, (for dietary reasons or whatnot) the meat...
  7. stiggia

    Italy calls for help

    Hi I'm Stefano from Italy. I love american bbq and i built a UDS myself because is hard to find a smoker in italy and it was kinda cheap for starting smoking. I did lot of reading and research, and after some harsh time working on the gall i managed to make my UDS, i'm kinda proud of it. I used...
  8. J

    Rookie Barbecuer

    Hi There, Ive always wanted to get into proper barbecuing but have always lived in flats and never had the chance, but I have just moved and now have a garden so I can give it a go! I picked up a budget hot box smoker to dip my toe before jumping fully into it and was wondering if anyone can...
  9. BBQrookie71

    Rib tips advice?

    Hey guys! I've been reading a lot on here the past few months and figured it was time to join to learn more, and hopefully one day contribute. I'm doing my second smoke ever this weekend my new Oklahoma Joe's Longhorn Combo (already eyeing up full horizontal offsets on Craigslist, don't tell...