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Discussion in 'Beef' started by grinder, Mar 7, 2009.

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    I'm going for my first attempt at briskets, I bought two 5 pounders and have some questions for the pros. I haven't seen much on this forum about rubs, spritzes or wood choices for briskets. I want to pull one for enchiladas and slices the other for sammies. Mesquite seemed like the obvious choice for enchiladas but, I'm open to suggestions. I have hickory, maple, oak, cherry, apple and mesquite to choose from. I was thinking a southwestern rub for the enchiladas and a traditional bbq type rub for the sammies. For the spritz, I had no idea on what would be good. I've always used apple juice/JD on pork. Suggestions appreciated, thanks, Grinder
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    I spritz mine with 50% beef broth & 50% apple juice. For the rub I use a basic rub and then rub again when I foil.
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    sounds like u got flats....mesquite and hickory is what i use. spritz with rum and apple juice. or what ever u got...worcester sauce added to anything is good.....good luck and take pics for us..any other questions just let everyone know.....u r only hindered by your imagination...what ever rub u use i like to put honey on doesn't like a cold brisket. it likes to roll when they r cold. but the taste really comes through. and try to use a hungarian paprika if u can find it instead of the normal mexican paprika. not quit the bite from hungarian...i'm sure more people with more experience will be on soon.

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