Smoking my first brisket this weekend, I've got a couple different pellets to choose from - what would be your pick?

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Nov 17, 2023
East of PDX
As the title says I'm smoking my first brisket this weekend and I have 3 different buckets of pellets at the moment. Bear Mountain Bourbon barrel pellets, Pit boss apple, and pit boss fall blend (apple and pecan). Curious which one I should use for the brisket.
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I don't smoke on a pellet smoker, but I saw Meathead address this question yesterday. He says its a myth that ya need different variety of wood for different meats.

This vid is set to start with him discussing that

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Oak goes well with brisket. Bourbon barrels are made from oak, so maybe the Bear Mountain bourbon barrel (if they are really made from them) would be my choice out of the field.
I'd go with the Bourbon barrel along with a smoke tube filled with pellets and mesquite or hickory wood chips.
Not a fan of fruit wood with brisket so that boils it down to the Bourbon Barrel pellets. So if that's all ya got, go with it. Personally, I use hickory and sometimes blend with mesquite.
Brisket trimmed (It's not stellar I know, but I also now know I really need to invest in some better knives for trimming). Starting weight from the costco package was 13.9lbs end weight on my scale was 10.2lbs. Choice grade brisket. Just after midnight it's on the smoker and since I had to go to lowes for some paint this afternoon I ended up picking up a bag of hickory and hoping it lasts thru the smoke, if not I'll pour in the bourbon pellets. Have two probes - The probe that connects to the traeger and a thermoworks chef alarm in slightly different places.


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