Dry Aged Beef Brisket

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Schwarzwald Metzger

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Nov 16, 2021
I dry aged a beef brisket for 55 days and it came out pretty dang good.

IMG_20240217_231905983.jpg IMG_20240301_191321568.jpg IMG_20240301_191332019.jpg IMG_20240301_192756594.jpg IMG_20240301_193942365.jpg IMG_20240301_193921081.jpg
IMG_20240302_193826090.jpg IMG_20240303_123951160.jpg

The best part was the dry aged tallow that I put on everything.


Rub was just salt and pepper.

No magic or secret... Just a brisket done right.

If you can dry aged beef, that is the way to go.

Are you considering dropping the time due to waste or flavor? A friend has a dry aging cabinet and we started talking about a brisket after I saw your post. We both have a few in the freezer from last years steers.
I didn't mind the waste too much. Total loss was 30%ish.... I'm curious what the flavor would be.

35 days is also the magic number most steakhouses hold their steaks for.
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