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Beef Barbacoa Tacos

Discussion in 'Beef' started by Co4ch D4ve, Dec 29, 2017.

  1. markh024

    markh024 Meat Mopper

    Giving this a go tomorrow. :)
  2. Co4ch D4ve

    Co4ch D4ve Meat Mopper SMF Premier Member

    Hope you like it. Let me know what you think.
  3. chilerelleno

    chilerelleno Master of the Pit SMF Premier Member

    How in Hell did I miss this thread, and it was on the Carousel even?

    Great tacos there, mouthwatering pics... Nice work.
    Belated congrats on the cook and Carousel.

    Hi my nick is ChileRelleno and I'm a Mexican food junkie and I approve this thread.
  4. Co4ch D4ve

    Co4ch D4ve Meat Mopper SMF Premier Member

    Thanks Chile...
  5. Bearcarver

    Bearcarver Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    Sorry I'm so late----
    That Looks Awesome!!:)

    Mighty Tasty!!---Like.

  6. idahopz

    idahopz Smoking Fanatic

    Man, that looks good! Mexican is my favorite cuisine - could eat it every day
  7. markh024

    markh024 Meat Mopper

    Need advice. I smoked at 250 for 3 hrs, removed at it of 152. My chuck is reading 205 right now after 1 hour in 300 oven with liquid. Its not soft butter probe tender and didn't seem to want to pull easily so thinking its not done yet. Im like 2 hours ahead of mybplanned dinner time.i reduced oven to 225. Help? Leave it?
  8. markh024

    markh024 Meat Mopper

    All is good. Just pulled it and wrapped to rest an hour. Was much more probe tender now. Im starving! Smells amazing
  9. Co4ch D4ve

    Co4ch D4ve Meat Mopper SMF Premier Member

    You did good. You could pull it or leave it in the oven. I never take the temp on this chuck, just go until it is pull apart tender. I don’t wrap it at all. Move straight from the braising liquid to a bowl to shred it. I add some of the liquid back to the meet after shredding.

    Smells great, right?
  10. markh024

    markh024 Meat Mopper

  11. zwiller

    zwiller Smoking Fanatic

    Care to share your taco making technique? Looks like you are using a tool maybe?
  12. Man oh man is that good looking. Mexican and Creole are my favorites. Will be storing this one. Points
  13. Co4ch D4ve

    Co4ch D4ve Meat Mopper SMF Premier Member

    Thanks Bear, idahops and Fade2blacc.

    If you like Mexican food you need to try this. I will never make tacos with ground beef again.
  14. Co4ch D4ve

    Co4ch D4ve Meat Mopper SMF Premier Member


    I use a form to fry my taco shells. I have a small deep fryer and the whole “basket and mold” doesn’t fit.


    I bought the forms (the inside half of the mold) and made it work. I bought 3 forms and bent one a little smaller and one a little larger so they nest together.

    Then I place a corn tortilla between each form.


    Drop into the fryer. They fry for 1:15 at 350° and they are done. I dust them with some sea salt while they are hot out of the oil and hold them in the oven on warm until I finish frying all the shells.

    They are so fresh and crispy!
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  15. That's it, I'm doing it this weekend. I don't know if I ever used cloves but he mentioned it was a little strong in that dept. I wonder if he would use half the amount?
  16. Co4ch D4ve

    Co4ch D4ve Meat Mopper SMF Premier Member

    I like it as it is... he just looked at the ingredients and mentioned that it seemed heavy on the clove to him. I don’t think he made it using my recipe so it is just an observation based on the ingredients. Go ahead and cut back on the clove and try it. Let me know how it turns out.
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  17. Will do, I can't wait! I plan on chopping it up a little more than pulling but other than that, I should follow the same. I'm a little torn on using a packet of taco seasoning b/c I don't want it to mask all the other delish spices that are going into it.

    I cook my shells a little different but not by much. I just put oil in a iron skillet and fry them up by hand one at a time. I'm also interested in how glorious it will smell in the kitchen while it's cooking. The only thing I can't decide is if I have time to do it on Saturday or will I need to wait until Sunday lol
  18. MeatSkull

    MeatSkull Meat Mopper

    If I was still allowed to eat that I'd tear them up! Nice!

  19. I did a quick recon at the local store yesterday and all of the chucks were 2.5lbs or under. I'm going to try Krogers to see what they have but I may have to go to a butcher to get a 5 pounder. (I didn't really want to smoke two smaller roasts) Also, where in the world did you find jalepeno powder? I couldn't find anything like that. Not sure how important that is. I probably could just use something else.
  20. chilerelleno

    chilerelleno Master of the Pit SMF Premier Member

    If your local Mexican market doesn't have it, order it online from Amazon.
    Amazon has everything.