Scrumptious Smoked Pot Roasts

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Three Chuckies into the smoker!

These were dry brined overnight, then rubbed with my Cajun spice blend and my Chicken Rub.
Four hours at 220° soaking up smoke.

Looking and smelling real good at three hours in.


Three chuckles outta da smoker, and into pans to braise in thin beef gravy.
Lots of fresh cracked pepper, whole garlic cloves and bay leaves in the gravy.

Today I had to do without the red wine that I usually add to the gravy, just too lazy to go to the store.

Cook in the oven at 375°, in tightly covered pans until beef is just getting fork tender.
Being partly cooked in the smoker it'll only take about 2 hours +/-.


I cheated today and used eight brown gravy packets to make a gallon of gravy.
To thin it out a little I added four cups of low sodium beef broth for a total of 20 cups or 1.3 gallons of gravy.

Good pot roasts demand some root veggies be cooked with them.
I figured I'd smoke the veggies too... More flavor, yeah!

Spray or toss with some cooking oil, it gives the smoke something to cling to, and keeps the veggies from drying out.

Add the veggies to the roasts when the roasts are just getting fork tender.
Being partially cooked in the smoker they'll only need about 45 minutes in the 375° oven.
Leave the foil cover off and finish the cook.

Hell Yeah, that's what I'm talking about!
So tender, so smokey and so delicious!


Load a bowl with a big hunk of steaming hot Chuck, tender veggies and don't forget that gravy!

I'm telling ya not to reach towards my place at the table.
Ya might get a fork in your hand.


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Looks awesome!

That would go down great after the cold rainy day we had today.
That there is a beautiful dish for dinner on a cold day! Looks great.
Happy New Year!

- Jsaon
Thank Jason!
John that is just fantastic and would hit the spot here with us as we are JUST plain turkeyed out.

And the root veg is a must with a great pot roast ( or 3 ) and a touch of smoke on them , perfect.

Appreciate it David!
Turkey and ham were both gone Wednesday night.
MeeMaw's Turkey and Rice was a good leftovers casserole.
And the last of the ham made Hawaiian Ham Sliders.
Looks great! Hmmm, do I have a chucky in the freezer…? 🤔
Thank you very much!
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