Mexican Shredded Beef

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A nice Chuckie heavily rubbed with a fiery Mexican spice blend, heavy on the Arbol chile.
Smoked at 225° for four hours.


Then I added two Chipotle chiles, a tablespoon plus of Adobo sauce and 1/4c of salsa casera to 1c of beef broth.
Poured this over the chuck and braised four hours till tender.


Dipped tortillas in the braising liquid and cooked them before piling on some delicious shredded beef.


With all the flavorfulness of the chuck and it's aggressive spicing no toppings were needed.
Oh sure, some guacamole would work nicely, but I ain't got time for that at 0200am.

Sunday brunch tomorrow will be Machacado con huevos.
Shredded beef cooked with scrambled eggs.
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For the win.
Look's Killer bruth'a!!!
Thank you, killer flavors for'shor!
It's heat not kill anyone, but it could sure hurt someone with a soft mouth.
Dang buddy! The scrambled eggs with shredded beef sound excellent!

Thanks Jim!
Macahacado is a great meal, the machaca is really good in Migas too.
Since I don't drink coffee I'll take tea with mine!
Earl Grey is in the cabinet.
Now that has to be good! That breakfast sounds like it would be perfect for a chilly morning like I'm having here today.
Thanks dude!
Yes'sir, nothing like a substantial hot breakfast on a cold morning.
That is very nice and love the dip the shells in the broth before the fry. Just a little extra flavour burst.

And what time is brunch ?? asking for a friend

Aw heck David, brunch is long done.
Thanks man, yeah, dipping tortillas is a good touch.
That looks delicious! If I lived closer I'd bring the guac!

Thank you Ryan!
Both you and your guacamole would be welcome.
John , that’s perfection

Perfect, not yet, I stumbled into the creek and got wet.

LOL, thanks Chopsaw.
Enjoy your brunch. That looks awesome!!!
Thank you, I very much did.
That looks Awesome!

- Jason
Thanks much Jason!
Wow! That looks awesome.
Thanks much!
Ooolawee, that looks fantastic! And I'll bet it tastes even better than it looks.
Too kind Colin, thanks!
Dude that’s some VERY nice beef!!! Well done!
Thank you Civil, appreciate it!
Damn that looks so good!!
It wasn't half bad.
Looks good. Kinda like a birria.
Yep, a lot like Birria, you could even call it Birria, close enough.
What is Birria? Simply Mexican style Pot Roast.

Differences between mine and authentic are primarily the chiles and spices used, and that it's smoked instead of seared,
Traditional is Guajillo and Ancho chiles with cinnamon and cloves to go with the more standard spices.
I used Arbol, Chipotle and Adobo sauce, and no cinnamon or cloves.
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