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May 6, 2018
Lowell, IN
I picked up a bbq guru Ultra q the other day for a hell of a deal. I never used a fan before so i did my research. I really liked my fireboard 2 and the Ultra Q by BBQ GURU. This kit had everything and I couldn't pass it up. So today at 9am I dumped a cheap bag of Cowboy briquettes I got a 14lb bag gor 7 bucks. I didn't cook anything but wanted to see how it ran.

I ran it from 9am to 9pm I didn't do anything ti the coals.

I did find a guy on here that plugged the vent holes with a metal plug which I did once it was up to temp. I didn't fill the bowl with water I used cermaic briquettes as my thermal mass. Then put the pit viper fan on at 200f and got it ro 225. It sat there all day top vent wide open.

Around 345 my internet went down for about 2hrs so that why the graph looks weird once back online I bumped it up to 250 then closed it at 9pm.

I gotta say pretty impressive



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