An old friend passed away but I may have found a new/er friend!

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Jan 18, 2020
Sadly, Costco no longer carries Kingsford Pro Comp briquettes in the twin pack bundle.
Wally is also showing no longer in stock (although that may be due to hoarders moving on the supply chain).
I looked at Bezos world but sellers have figured out the shortage and are asking $50+for a single bag.
No way, no how will I do THAT.
I tried the Kirkland branded briquettes but they are IMHO a poor substitute for the Pro/Comp Kingsford.
The Kirkland initial burn is satisfactory but not as hot as Pro/Comp and the second life of used briquettes is way below the quality of the Pro/Comp.
That brings me to the real reason I'm posting, which is to ask; has anyone tried/tested the Kingsford "High Temp" branded briquettes?
Sams has twin packs of High Heat (32lb total) for $24 which is not too shabby, I may have to give it a try unless someone posts up a negative comment...
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I did indeed, first place I looked.
Perhaps it's a central Texas thing..
I just checked again (9:29 central time, Wed March 27) and now the search engine returns; We were not able to find a match. Try another search or shop related products.
Yesterday it just showed out of stock/not available.
Just got off the phone with Costco on-line customer service and they say it's kaput..BUT he also said it was available in the Costco "business center" in Dallas and in Sherman, just below Oklahoma in the panhandle.
BUT they won't deliver to my zipcode.
He also said their business center inventory software does not play well with their warehouse software and there is a chance it will re-appear in my local warehouse after the first of the month.
Sure hope so, BUT you better buy all you can find if you can find it.
I'm picking up some Kingsford "High Heat" at Sam's and will report back on how it does under some steaks and burgers.
A bit dramatic...your friend just moved. He might be back. Swing by Ace and try some B&B
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Not a B+B fan, at all.
I tossed out half a bag a few months ago, it was that bad.
No way it's in the same league as Kingsford Pro Comp.
B+B falls apart after it does one cook, Kingsford Pro Comp briquettes are still hard after one cook and can be reused with no crumbling issues. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.