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Mar 3, 2024
Hi all,was thinking of pulling the trigger on the Bbq Guru controller for my WSM,is it worth it?,what hind of experiences have you guys had with this device?,thanks in advance.
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Yes, Chris is right, I had one for about 10 years. Great unit back then, so I bet they are even better now. Never even had to buy any probes. When I sold the WSM the Guru went with it & I bet it still works!
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YES! I also used one for a long time. Priceless. I only had the cheaply party Q which I think they stopped making.
I don't own a WSM, but I've used Gurus on my gravity fed cabinet smokers since day one. My experience is that they work great, and make temp control in charcoal smokers a breeze.

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I think the non-connected ones are fine but they've had a bunch of issues with their remote units. I have a cyber-q that was always a bit aggravating to use but became very aggravating a few years ago when it started losing its network settings between uses and I couldn't get it to configure via its built-in mini web server. I had to configure it's network connections using the user interface on the unit itself and it was extremely non-user friendly. I gave up it and went with a Thermoworks Signals and Bellows fan, which I'm extremely happy with. If you go with this setup, just be sure to get the optional damper for the Bellows fan - the fan moves so much air without the damper, it will overshoot the target temperature of any kamado and most gravity feed smokers. The damper is cheap (< $5).

I stayed on the Guru Facebook pages and the postings there indicate things got much worse with forced updates occuring on major cooking days like holidays, updates making the controllers useless with no way to roll back to earlier functioning firmware with weeks passing before fixes rolled out, web sites down that some models (my cyber-q included) depends on for monitoring, etc. I think these issues have been fixed now but they've lost the trust of many users. My Thermoworks unit works so well that I can't see ever going back to the Guru. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.