Alelover's Smokehouse Build from Mostly Free Stuff (Maiden Voyage)

Discussion in 'Smoke Houses' started by alelover, Oct 24, 2015.

  1. Got some machine parts in at work and they came in this nice wooden crate mounted on a pallet. I disassembled the crate and brought it home since the boss wanted it trashed. I added some cross pieces for something to mount my rails to.The cross pieces were from an earlier crate we scrapped.

    Using Hardie Backer board to line the inside. Had some leftover from the kitchen project. Got the floor piece attached.

    Wheels from Harbor Freight. 4 bucks each.

    Attaching the sides.

    Wanted the roof to slant in case it rains.

    All the sides on and the roof.

    Ready to line the inside with backer board. Got more pics I'll post later as soon as I find the damn phone cord my daughter put who knows where.

    Thanks for watching.
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  2. fishwrestler

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    I would be careful using that particle board, Particle board has formaldehydes and can let off a hazardous  gas especially when heated. There are new "green" products that do not use formaldehyde, even with that said I would use a plywood or solid wood for you sheeting.

    I would rather be safe than sorry
  3. That is why it is completely lined with backer board and all gaps will be sealed. Not just formaldehyde but the wood was treated with pesticides because it came from overseas.
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  4. Got the inside all sealed up and framed out the doorway with 3/4 x 1 1/2 maple I had. Used 3M Fireblock to seal the joints.

    Made the rails from maple

    The Workhorse.

    Had an extra thermometer from when I built my brew system years ago. Had to make a fitting for it that I'll mount in the door.

    Going to mount the rails today. Have some pics later.
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    What kind of smokes are you planning on? What's your heat source going to be? Are you planning on using a smoke generator?
  6. Mainly I want to use it for bacon, jerky and smoked sausage. For smoke I'll use my A-Maze-N products or a cast iron frying pan. Thinking about the Northern Tool propane burner for the heat source.
  7. I am sure you have a good paint job planned? If it gets caught in the rain that particle board will swell up like.......well you know what will happen.
  8. Don't know what I'm doing on the outside yet. That's a ways away.
  9. Installed the rails today. Now I need to find about 60 feet of 1 1/4 wood dowels.

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    Looks like a good smoker to me Scott.... Thumbs Up
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    Great looking project hope it does what you want to do. looking for finish project pictures
  12. Put the roof on today. Roofing left over from when the house roof was replaced last year.

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    Looking good. That northern tool burner is a good choice.

    If you're not stuck on wood dowels, rebar seasoned like cast iron works good too.
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    hell.. just take a stroll in the woods and cut some nice straight limbs (oak, maple.. etc) of the diameter you want... smoke house is looking good.... by any chance have any drip edge to put on the roof ?? helps to keep water from getting in your joints at the top...
  15. Nice looking smoker, good job for sure. I have the burner from northern love it. Heats a little or a lot. CF
  16. gravey

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    Nice build! I've been looking into building one myself for a while now.
  17. Thanks. I don't plan on leaving it out in the rain. I had leftover shingles so I thought I'd put a nice roof on it. I left a 1/2 inch overhang on the sides and back. I like 1-1/4 dowels because they are the perfect size for smoked sausage.
  18. c farmer

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    That's coming along great.

    I REALLY want a smokehouse.
  19. Just need a burner and a door now. [​IMG]
  20. Got a little bit more done this weekend. Rained all day today. Had to work between the garage and the basement.

    Got a nice piece of 3" stainless header tube from the nice man at the muffler shop. Has a step in diameter so it shoved up real nice in the roof hole and stopped. Put 3 sheet metal screws on the roof side to  hold it in place then sealed it with 3M Fireblock.

    Got another cardboard tube from work. Makes a great extension and fits perfectly over the chimney.

     Got the front panel cut into 2 doors. After fitting the thermometer and putting in the intake vent I will cover with backer board.

    Made the divider that goes between the doors. Covered with backer board.

    Installed the divider.

    See you next week.
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