A Couple of Roasts

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Nov 27, 2013
Heartland of America
I should start off by explaining that my Father-in-Law is a beef producer, so we routinely get beef for Christmas. While digging through the freezer, I noticed that I have a few roasts from last year, so I thawed out a Sirloin Tip Roast and a Chuck Roast with no real plan other than smoking them. I did some research on the forum and found Bearcarver's "Twin Chuckies" post from 2011, and Jeff's instructions for a sirloin tip using a MES.

Last summer I purchased a WSM, and haven't really found the opportunity to use it as much as I should, so I intended to get it involved. I also had some rubs, sauce, and chunks that I have bought or been gifted that needed to find a purpose (are you sensing a theme here?). On top of all that, it has been at least (insert embarrassing date here) since I smoked anything, and I was way overdue.

Following Jeff's instructions, I pulled the sirloin tip roast just shy of 135 and seared. I probably let it go a little long (it wasn't medium rare), but it barely took an hour to reach temp, which surprised me. The chuck was on for over seven hours, and never did reach 200 on the dot, despite my best efforts, so I gave up and pulled it.


Rubbed and wrapped overnight, ready to get this party started.


Rubbed using a sauce that someone gifted me, and I'm not too fond of, and a rub that I have no idea where it came from.
Bourbon barrel chunks were from a KY trip, and some beer that has been in my fridge since St. Patty's went in the water pan.


The sirloin tip showing off that smoke ring that I just can't get using my MES.


Sliced sirloin tip made great sandwiches for supper. Pretzel bun, melted provolone, cranberry horseradish mustard, and a pickle.


Chuck roast ready to pull. As I was pulling the meat, I was under some strict supervision.


I've done a lot of pulled pork, but never beef. I will do this again. Per Bear's instructions, I saved the extra "juice", refrigerated it, and will reintroduce that later today.


Breakfast this morning. I diced up some of the scraps from the sirloin tip and fixed an omelet with some sautéed red bell pepper and smoked Gouda, along with cheesy grits topped with the pulled chuck. I was looking forward to the grits, but that omelet was killer.
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Great work on that . Love the pretzel buns . Those sandwiches are top shelf bud .
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