Sirloin cap (picanha) pastrami

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Aug 9, 2020
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I was thinking a lot about pastrami early last week. I've done chuck pastrami, brisket pastrami, top and bottom round pastrami, pastrami from things that go oink, including one from pork belly but I've never even seen one done with a sirloin cap.

So I said to myself, "man, that would probably be fantastic. Cap fat on a steak is great fat, so it should translate into great pastrami fat."

Then I went and looked in the meat counter. All of a sudden, brisket flats were looking better and better. Sirloin cap is mucho expensivo......

Then I said to myself, "man, I could do it and blame SMF......"

So I did it.

It's good. I ran it on the smoker for about 90 minutes, IT was right at a hundo. I wanted my finish temp somewhere around 145-150 and I did want to steam it. In retrospect, the one thing I would change is not steaming it. Messed with the texture of the fat cap. I had a little slice off of an end right off of the smoker, that was perfect. Post steam, it just wasn't quite as good.

But, here she is. 1.65% salt, 1.25% brown sugar and the cure#1. Pickling spice eyeballed, dusted with extra ground coriander. I thought I had a pic of it, I do not. Rub was a light coat of yellow mustard and black pepper.


^pre smoke

and right before the steam bath. Fat cap got much less rub


On les slicer


And sliced fairly thin.


I will end up trimming some of the fat as I make my sandwiches. It's too heavy on the palate cold. Warmed up it's great. Should have gone heavier on the pepper on that side. I might do it again, but not at 7.99/lb. I will be on the lookout for marked down ones for sure as now I badly want to one to 145 strictly on the smoker.

Thanks for stopping by!
Being from Texas, I never thought I'd see a picanha joint made into pastrami!

That's a cut of meat that we covet in my world, but this looks pretty damn good, and I'm surprised, now, that it hasn't been done before.

I can see why you'd cut the fat down before making it in a sammich, but I'm sure the flavor is outstanding.
Thanks Buzzard. It hit the spot for breakfast today (hot sandwich). I had some with cheddar, green olives and crackers a few minutes ago just cold and trimmed of the fat. I'm stuffed on just that
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Looks great. Love me some pastrami. Could go with a big sandwich of that right there

If a cold sandwich that I would pack for lunch yes I might a little fat. Maybe :emoji_yum:
But i at home, I would have a small pan with just a drizzle of water steaming and throw some in there to warm up fast ( or microwave if in a hurry )

But thats just me.

I need to make more again.

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