a b*tt load of meat for sunday

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May 5, 2007
standing over the pit- kentucky
doing a light snack for tomorrow. 15 lb brisket,9lb. pork shoulder,2 racks of pork spares,1 rack of beef ribs,2 polska kielbasas,another 4lb fatty,and 2 pks of dogs for kids.i'll post the prices when baby stops fussing.monday is my b-day so i thought i'd smoke my bottom off tomorrow. i hope a crowd shows up or we'll be eating smoked meats for the rest of our lives... hehe as usual. i'll post the pics & shots by stages.
lol if you want that big ol brisket done by monday shouldn't you have started it by now?

Sounds good and looking forward to the pics. I'm going to have a full smoker too and I definteily agree with you about the need for some "liquid" companionship during the smoke.
got everything rubbed wrapped & cooling. guess i gotta get up early & take pix & start a fire...wifey made some homemade ranch pasta salad- like a gallon of it- hope it makes it until tomorrow. meanwhile i'm snacking on the carne. pix tomorrow. wish a few of yaz were here for the party.
the brisket was marinated since 3pm w/ balsamic,worchy, fajita spice, uncle chris', & garlic- covered & chilled- i just added a 1/2 guinness stout ( yeah i got the other 1/2 fer me) & 1/2 cup italian dressing- covered & chilled until 3 am - on the fire by 5 am & done by 6pm ( yah i'm cheating & using the oven for an hour here & there) point is- everything is rubbed & marinated & even the freezer smells like food.... dagnabbitt i wanna eat now !!!!!!!!!!!
the meat is on.... got smoke in my eye & the pics will be late (demon rum)as i was on the phone until 4am & overslept. the brink is full & i do mean FULL. will post back later w/ some pics.
Gypsy your amn man after my own heart! Look at that smoker! So full how ya can't close the door.

Guess you should be ready when I get back from the Bball game. Looking forward to the Q-view!
Quite a load of goodies you got there, looks good, enjoy them.
the pics are still loading & ther's lots of them- i packed the brink - i took it to the limit & beyond- hint/tip- the water pan makes ya use less fuel & the cook- well ya can see was beautiful- every thing(yeah i cheated & took the brisk & shoulder wrapped @ 275 for the last 3 hrs- 15ttll(last 3) in the oven. but check out the juice-hint... when ya can't tell the 15 lb packer brisk from the 10 lb pork shoulder... ya know it's tender... you pick the pic...di both the pork & beef ribs-2-2.5-2. it was all running around 250. i threw it all together to slice & pull tommorrow fer a finale( after today's slice & pull) it was (hooting that horn again) i filled that pit- used less fuel & now when i get pit#2- i know what i can do fer festivals... i can't wait to meet dacdots & load his rig up in october- whoo- good times... btw i cooked for 20-50 today & 6 (adults) showed....i got meat to spare but would i smoke tomorrow ???/ U betcha here's the new pics http://s178.photobucket.com/albums/w247/gypsyseagod/food pix/
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