5th Annual SMF Carolinas Smokers Gathering (May 13, 14 and 15, 2016) **PICS**

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  1. Will be firing up the smokers for another great weekend in the Carolinas. The last 4 have been really great. So save that weekend for some good food, good beer and good times.

    We hope to see all our old friends and hopefully make some new ones too.

    Check out the past 4 gatherings here.

    1st Annual NC Gathering

    2nd Annual NC Gathering

    3rd Annual NC Gathering

    4th Annual NC Gathering

    We will once again have it at my "Estate" in Concord, NC. We are about 20 minutes north of Charlotte in Concord.

    Map to the gathering

    Going to plan some demonstrations of who knows what again, it will be fun and educational. Built a new smokehouse and will be putting it to the ultimate test. We have a big backyard so bring your tents and small campers. Sorry no RV hookups. This is a family friendly event and we encourage folks to bring the kids along. They always have fun. There are also some hotels in the area if you need one.

    Hotels in the Area

    For those who have not attended a SMF gathering before it will be a weekend of relaxing, eating, and fellowship. It is a chance to meet some of the great SMF'ers you interact with everyday. You won't find a nicer group of people or better food. Last years gathering was a great success and we hope for an even better turnout this year. This year we plan on some surprise giveaways too. So please make time for a great weekend you will remember for years to come.
  2. boykjo

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    Sounds great Scott. Looking forward to it................................and filling up that smokehouse.............[​IMG]

  3. phatbac

    phatbac Master of the Pit

    Count me in! 

    phatbac (Aaron)
  4. twoalpha

    twoalpha Smoking Fanatic


    It's on my calandar

  5. Scored some free steamer pan racks. Should come in handy for the gathering.

  6. boykjo

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  7. johnboybaker

    johnboybaker Fire Starter

    Sounds like it would be fun but that is the weekend before my little one is due so me and momma won't be going any were hope to see pics
  8. There will be lots of pics.
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  9. Hey Scott, unfortunately we wont be making it this year.  Hopefully next year we can
  10. Bummer. We'll miss you guys. Bet Isaac's getting big.
  11. nepas

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    We will not be able to make it as my wife has to work.
  12. She works too much.  We'll miss you guys.[​IMG] Maybe next year. A lot of people would love to see you.
  13. I even made bacon Rick.
  14. boykjo

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    Bacon, bacon, bacon........

    Smoker is ready to go...... looking forward to it.......
  15. halfsmoked

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    [​IMG] Thinking about it. I would love to see that smoke house in action I followed you step by step in the building process. Just a few dumb questions tenters do you have portapots water for wash up etc. like I said some dumb questions. Not sure misses will come and I may just sleep in back of truck. What do you need for us to bring or contribute in the line of food or what ever other supplies you need. Actual address? I think you are about 6 hrs. from where I live. I guess a out of stater is allowed?

  16. Bring what you make well. What do you make that you like to show off to folks? That's the kind of thing we like to see. [​IMG]

    A lot depends on how long you plan to stay as well. Bring what we can cook and serve while you're here seems to work fairly well.
  17. We have facilities in our house that folks are welcome to use. And the great outdoors as well. [​IMG] We haven't gone the porta-potty route yet because we're not big enough yet. But I have a big back yard you can camp on.
  18. Oh yes Joe. Real bacon.
  19. halfsmoked

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    [​IMG]   PITA here again but its confusing there are 2 Concords in NC one north center state near Yanceyville and one near Charlotte soooo which one?

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