5th Annual SMF Carolinas Smokers Gathering (May 13, 14 and 15, 2016) **PICS**

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Thank you!
I have locked down what I'm bringing next weekend. I am smoking most of this weekend and will freeze and reheat before i bring it Saturday. I am bringing BBQ CSR riblets (meat candy) as an app. I am also bringing Smoked pulled chicken or leg quarters (depends on my mood between now and then-- I'm smoking 10# of leg quarters which i may de-bone) and im bringing a small packer brisket. the packer i will bring will be trimmed and rubbed and set to smoke but it will be uncooked so i can put it on the smoker there for supper. we are trying to get there around 10 am. I am excited to meet everyone and enjoy the company and the good food!

Happy Smoking,

phatbac (Aaron McGrady)
I am bringing a Brisket that i will have trimmed and rubbed but not cooked so we can smoke it Saturday and have some for supper. Its 10.5# packer once i trimm it will be about 9.5 so it wont be huge but it will hopefully good eats. I'm also bring some bbq riblets ready to go when i get there 


I will also be bringing some pulled chicken so eat on sammies which will also be ready to go..


I will bring 2-3 bottle of bbq sauce that is all homemade (including a really low sugar sweet sauce for diabetics) and a box of food svc gloves and maybe a few other odds and ends that could be handy.

Can't wait!

phatbac (Aaron)
That's great Aaron. We are going to have some good eats. We'll have ribs and pork butts probably everyday. I have homemade bacon, smoked sausage, pork loin. May pick up a chuckie. Going to make ABTs and pork shotz too. This is going to be soooo good.
I'm still planning on coming up for a day. My son, "the chef", found out and he wants to come too.

This'll my first gathering with y'all so I don't know what to expect. But I do know better than to arrive empty handed. If there are no objections, I thought I'd prep a few Fatties and cook them there. That way I can keep them on ice for the trip up from down near Hilton Head. Is that okay?
ok.. when it's all said and done... ALL left overs will/shall be frozen and then overnighted to my doorstep.... all this food I would be able to eat on it for the rest of the year... :biggrin:

Have fun y'all and if we can ever get a chance to attend ... we shall.... when it's over and some of you feel like you need more GATHERING... come on down to the S. Fl. gathering in Nov.
Hey Scott there has been a couple newbies on the forum from NC one lives in Concord told them about the gathering and said to look up this posting hope that was OK. Hope you all have great weather and a great weekend hope to be there next year.

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