3 smokes in one day!! I am on a roll! Chicken ...Here's the money shot!!

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Jul 19, 2010
Yesterday I bought meat at H Mart. 10 pounds butt for sausage. Sliced ribeye. Eye round for the sticks.

9 pounds of chicken wings and humongus legs.

Smoking has been going good today so I filled 2 racks with wings and legs,shook on some SPOG and put them in the smoker with

apple in the AMAZEN. Cranked the temp up to 275.

The battery in the camera need s charging so the money shot will be here in a couple hours...

 Have a great day

Wow! You really are on a roll. Don't forget to post pictures later if you get a chance.
Whoever thinks you can't get crispy and juicy with the mes 30 isn't doing it right.

These are way tasty!!

The humongus legs.


These wings are perfect...I am a happy guy!


I also got a huge tray of Stouffers mac and cheese smoking in there.

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wow..those wings look awesome....guess the 275 allowed then to crisp up....kicking myself for not remembering to add some legs when I threw the chuck in the smoker today
Great looking chicken Craig !!!!!

You keep doing 3 smokes per day, you'll really be on a "ROLL".  

Let me try one of these thumbs ups.........

Great job Craig. You are spending as much time on here as Bear and I do
Thanks guys.

Being a member here made it easy to do!!





Have a great day!!

Thanks Willie, I like to keep changing the Avatar. Might keep this one for a while. I didn't use the 3-2-1 on that rack. Just 6 hours on the grate with a heavy coating of brown sugar on top of the rub, then spritz with apple juice a few times during the smoke.
Al, you look different.....awesome looking rack there buddy.....3-2-1 method?
Nice job Craig, Your definitely on a roll! Rock on!
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