3# Sirloin Tri-Tip

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Jul 21, 2010
Have had it marinating in zesty italian since yesterday.  Should I rinse off the marinade and put on a dry rub before putting on the smoker, or just throw it on as is?
IME no need to pat.  Just let it drip off when you pull it out of the container it's been marinating in.
so no rub on it?  just throw it straight onto the smoker or just apply the rub on top of the marinade?
Trial and error that is what is so great about smoking you get to eat most of your mistakes, just thinking out of the box here can you maybe just rub 1/2 of it??? might be worth a shot?? let us know and make sure you post some pics

Good luck
Well I rinsed it and patted dry then added salt, pepper and garlic powder.  No onion powder as when I went to get it it was in HUGE clumps.  The garlic powder was the same way but was able to salvage some.

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I usually use a dry rub made of brown sugar, kosher salt, garlic powder and black pepper. Smoke it at 225-250 til the internal temp is 135. Let it rest& then cut thin across the grain
I was thinking about pulling it at 130 IT.  Will that be too soon?  I like medium rare and since it will go into the fridge to slice wouldn't it keep it rarer when I reheat?
also how do you reheat it properly without drying it out?
I pull mine at 130-135 and it's perfect medium rare. When you take it off foil it and let it rest for 45 min before slicing. I reheat mine and never have an issue with drying out. You can reheat it in Au Jus if you're worried.
oops fire went out and it dropped from 133-131 with the maverick.  probed it with the thermapen and its under 130...  gonna bring it back to 135, will this be a problem?
nice color there. its gonna be good i bet
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I could make a sandwich out of that straight from the fridge?

Or into a little au jus for a French Dip?

You gunna eat well!

Good luck and good smoking.
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