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snack stick

  1. S

    Over Salted Corned Beef - Snack Stick?

    I need some ideas for this one. By no means am I a great cook and can and often do screw things up. This time I used Mortons kosher salt in the brine for a brisket. The recipe called for a less dense salt and it's over salted. I used the point for corned beef and the flat for Pastrami. The...
  2. I

    About to buy a smoker...which one?

    I'm finally about ready to buy my smoker. I am going to be focused on doing venison snack sticks and this has me leaning toward and electric smoker that is capable of lower starting Temps. I have heard pellet smokers are very nice but not sure I want to go that route. I do want to be able to do...
  3. radioguy

    First snack sticks, suggestions???

    Last winter I did my first sausage. Kielbasa, bratwurst, breakfast links. Now I want to try my hand at smoked snack sticks. They are always a welcome treat in this house. I've been doing some reading and figured I'd do a post here. Meat? Beef or beef/pork mix? Casings? What type...
  4. M

    Best Cut of Beef for Snack Sticks

    Hi all, I'm a beginner in snack stick making, and know this question has been covered in a post a couple of years back, but I wanted to hear your thoughts on the best cut of beef to use for all-beef snack sticks (no pork in them). I've read that chuck is one of the better options because of...
  5. M

    Lactic Acid & Celery Juice for Homemade Snack Sticks

    Hi, I am a beginner looking to make home made beef snacks sticks, but without artificial nitrates like pink cure. I found through my research that lactic acid (encapsulated or regular) and celery juice or celery powder work well together as a curing agent. I had some questions about this: 1...
  6. timstalltaletav

    Turkey Snack Sticks

    I searched for ideas/recipes for using turkey to make snack sticks but didn't find too much info that jives with what I'm planning. Tomorrow I'm thinking of making about 3# of sticks using 2# of 93/7 turkey and 1# of ground pork. Anyone make something like this before? Not sure of the...
  7. klutzyspuds

    Venison snack sticks

    Every year for several now, I have been the go to guy in my family for making all of our families goodies with the trimmings from our yearly venison harvest. Well this year wasn’t too good for me personally, but as a group, we did come away with some meat. The first batch of sausage has been...
  8. link

    Pork snack sticks.

    Started getting my stuff ready for the christmas gift for the guys in my department. Step one. 15lbs of hickory snack sticks. Ground it up added the seasoning and cure. Stuffed them in 16mm collagen casing. Let them sit overnight then cut them into 7 inch sticks. Smoked them to an internal temp...
  9. K

    Snack stick issue

    I am new to making snack sticks and am having a problem.......all is well after grinding the meat and after mixing the cure and seasoning into the meat. However, as soon as I add the citric acid to lower the Ph, the meat changes color, becomes far less tacky and almost seems to “sweat” in the...
  10. WI_GameMeats

    Venison Snack Sticks - Garden Salsa Pepper and Cheddar

    Here is my first try at adding peppers and/or cheese to a snack stick and some pictures to go along with it. I used frozen garden salsa peppers from the garden from this past season. High temp cheddar cheese from Butcher and Packer. For some additional heat I crushed up some dehydrated Thai...
  11. disco

    Spicy Snack Sticks

    I love snack sticks. They are a perfect snack for my buddies and me when we golf or curl. I was out and it was time for another batch. Here is the recipe I have developed to my tastes. I use 500 grams (1 pound) of fatty pork shoulder and 500 grams (1 pound) of lean ground beef or game meat. I...
  12. Reb

    Snack Sticks

    Got 10lb of ground beef yesterday need some snack sticks in my life. I made 2 different batches one being a modifued version of a recipe i found on here. I cant recall who had originally posted it i believe its on pintrest as well. I have used it before and it is very good to me anyway. The...
  13. Saline_Smoker

    Chipotle & Cheese Meat Sticks (Fermented Semi-Dry)

    Chipotle & Cheese Meat Sticks (Fermented Semi-Dry) THE RECIPE: ----------------------------- This is basically a kabanosy-ish stick, with an added quick fermentation of a summer sausage for acid tang, seasoned to my personal taste, with the addition of cheese... so call it whatever you'd like...
  14. R

    Queso cheese in sausage

    i was thinking about making some snack sticks this weekend and I was thinking about using queso cheese in it. Has anyone ever tried this and if so did it turn out?
  15. dward51

    Snack sticks - 2 kinds (been a while)

    Ok, it's been a while since I made sticks. I was looking at my smoking notes and apparently I have not made any stick since last fall before my surgery. And the last batch of sliced jerky is gone, so it's time to make some sticks!!!! Figured I would deviate from my usual recipe which is a AC...
  16. coolkayaker

    Snack Sticks Recipes dry seasonings vs fresh

    What are your thoughts and opinions on using dried herbs, peppers, spices, seasonings vs using fresh cut peppers, garlic, fresh herbs when making snack sticks? Does one work better than the other?
  17. coolkayaker

    Hello from BrewCity... Milwaukee, WI

    So I've actually been a member for over a year but never really dove into the site like I should have. I just recently started getting back into my meat and wanted to offer a kind hello to all of you. I have been reading a lot of posts lately on making snack sticks. My background is fresh...
  18. tropics

    Beef Sticks

    Used Sheep Casings with my Jerky Cannon (no pics) Smoked in the MES 40 for 8 hours Started at 100* and worked up to 160* finished The Pretzel Stick for nepas"   These taste like Slim Jims' without all the grease  Used a modified version of big casinos Beef Sticks    5lb ground...
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