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  1. N

    Cured Front shoulder, oak charcoal smoked picnic ham variations

    I used this recipe Wondering if anyone has any variations of this recipe they would like to share, I will add changes I make, as I go
  2. C

    Pulled pork for 45 people

    I am committed to doing pulled pork for 45 people on my Traeger timberline 850. How many butts should I do (or Lbs?) ?
  3. smokedwholechicken.jpg


    Smoked Whole Chicken on Weber Smokey mountain 14.5 charcoal smoker
  4. JustinLoos

    Brisket Advice Needed Please

    I just finished my 4th brisket cook. My flat turn out tender and juicy. However, the the point came out tough. Here’s my cooking profile. Any suggestions or advice are appreciated. Prep 10.17 lbs. Costco packer Brisket (choice grade) never frozen 7 lbs. trimmed 60 minutes in room temp Light...
  5. SmokinAl

    Pichana roast on the Rectec

    Been a bunch of pichana threads lately, so here is my shot at it. Started out with a nice roast. Didn’t need much trimming on the fat side, but had a big piece of silver skin on the meat side. That is about all the trimming needed. I marinated it overnight under vacuum. Then I mixed up a...
  6. cronocide

    First time cheese smoker!

    I was tempted the other day for some smoked cheese after talking to my dad and the ol' lady. I've always wanted to smoke some cheese but assumed that I didn't have the right equipment as I have a Pit Boss 820D. I found that A-Maze-N sells the pellet tube and grabbed that and got it today. I have...
  7. A

    Yellowish colour after curing and smoking pork belly

    Hi All I just finished curing a pork belly. first time doing it. we also smoked it. It has a yellowish tinge on the fat portion on the meat. the meat smells good and the tastes is good too. just wondering if anyone knows what this yellow discolourations is and if it's safe? Thanks! Adam
  8. L

    Smoking Large Amounts of Sausages at once

    Folks ! I have what I’m sure is a very straightforward question. I have been making sausages for a while professionally here in Sydney and run a small bar/brewery/restaurant called ‘The Sausage Factory.’ I’ve never smoked them before and well., bloody want to. I’ve researching options for a...
  9. N

    Hanukkah Smoked Brisket

    I've never used a sous vide, mine will be delivered today sometime, I have never smoked a brisket, and I'm tired of beer braised brisket. I was reading about sous vide yesterday and All replied to a post that one could smoke a brisket until it got to the stall part, then bring it inside and...
  10. Wurstmeister

    Smoked Whole Chicken using MBE smoker with A-MAZ-N

    Nothing special tonight. Simple smoked whole chicken from Aldi in the MBE smoker and A-MAZ-N 6X6 tray. Recipe was simple - spatchcock the chicken, trim excess fat, etc.; used a simple olive oil and lemon pepper rub tonight. Smoked using apple pellets @ 250F for approx. 4 hour in continuous...
  11. kilo charlie

    Smoked Bratwurst Meatballs

    Fresh Green Onion Bratwurst deconstructed and reformed into meatballs and stuffed with Fresh Mozzarella Cheese. Smoked on my Pit Boss Copperhead 5 vertical smoker at 250F for 45 minutes.
  12. S

    SOS please help my brisket

    Andy Young <[email protected]> 9:27 AM (1 hour ago) to jeremy Hello all! I live in Mexico and am passionate about smoking meats. I'm having some issues with my brisket coming out mushy in parts and hard in others. I was hoping you can save me...?! Im...
  13. P

    Cured and smoked bison tongue [finished cooking, updated pics]

    Turns out I live in an area with a bison ranch within in an hour drive. You know what that means.... Oh yeah, couple of bison tongues! I had already punctured the bag on the right, which is why the bag lost its vacuum. I knew had to stop and get a picture of both of them together. Here's one...
  14. D

    Would like to smoke a 4.5 pound cut brisket

    Hi there Got this 2kg/4.5lb piece of brisket. Is it still possible to smoke it, with favourable results or am I wasting my time and can't be done. If smoking is a possibility, any links or advice other then the recommended smoking methods would be greatly appreciated. Happy new year!
  15. edward36

    "Sunday Fair" style smoked lamb shanks

    Hey guys, Lamb shanks - one of the most underestimated cuts, and absolutely undeservedly. I love those braised or, in this case, smoked pretty much the same way they smoke turkey legs. So here we go! So simple, so delicious - few lamb shanks, rubbed with olive oil and sprinkled with Kajun...
  16. C

    Herb smoked Brisket

    Herb Smoked BBQ Brisket
  17. Rmartinez2

    Another Turkey Thread

    Hey everyone I know there's going to be and are a bunch of these but, well, I like to share. I had a 10# and a 12# bird which I brined for 15 hours each. My brine consisted of salt, sugar, thyme, rosemary, onion etc. I used the briner bucket which is awesome. One bird brined in the spices with...
  18. dirtsailor2003

    Prime Rib PartyQ test #2

    The other day when I was looking for space in the freezer for the bacon I smoked I found a vac packed Prime rib hanging out. Decided I might as well pull it out and give the PartyQ another run. Marinated in Dales Marinade, coated in SPOG. Ran Kingsford professional with a chunk of cherry and...
  19. JustMax87

    Boneless Turkey Breast Smoke Time

    Smoking two 5lb turkey breasts this weekend. I've only smoked full birds with the bones and everything and I've figured out the timing on that. I've never smoked boneless breasts. How much time per pound should I give a boneless turkey breast? My gut tells me 20-30 min per pound to get to an...
  20. dirtsailor2003

    Apple Wood Smoked Turkey Quinoa Meatloaf

    Been craving meatloaf. So that's what I made for dinner. Actually I really wanted leftover meatloaf for cold meatloaf sandwees. One of my favorites. Here's what went into this one 2 lbs ground turkey. 1 small onion chopped & sauteed 1 orange bell pepper diced & sauteed 4 cloves of garlic...