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  1. Daba's BBQ

    Added a rotisserie and pizza oven to my Weber

    A few weeks back I purchased a combination rotisserie/pizza add-on for my Weber Kettle. It has been the single best investment I made tomy Weber since lump charcoal. I've been using it ever since and it simply has taken my cooking to a whole new level. I've attached some pics for you to check...
  2. chopsaw

    Whole chicken - Pop's Brine - Only Fire Rotisserie .

    I've been looking at getting a spinner for my Performer for awhile now . Also liked the pizza oven set up . When I saw the Dual use set up for $129.00 , and I had a gift card , it seemed like it was time to buy . I have to say , I really like it . I've done homemade pizza , frozen pizza , a...
  3. tedpoppke

    Rotisserie Pork Butt

    Hi, New to the forum. I have a Summit 6 Weber gas grill. And a 9.5 # bone-in pork butt that I want to grill in a couple of days. It will be 30 degrees outside and I have all day. Would like to use it on the rotisserie. Any suggestions? Ted
  4. S

    Carson Rodizio Rotisserie Professional setup complete $750

    Enjoy the traditional churrasco style of Barbecue on Carson Rodizio Brazilian grills with the many accessories to diversify your cooking. All roads to the other side of barbecue lead through the kit. The Kit is a multi-turbotisserie, that's right, that converts your favorite conventional grill...
  5. kilo charlie

    Whole Hog Rotisserie rebuild

    So.. I have some questions and while I have no expectations of exact answers , I am hoping that someone can help me with some advice. I have a new to me whole hog roster that's in need of restoration and modification. I'm debating about adding 2 Pellet Pros to the back side of this roaster...
  6. SmokinAl

    Boneless leg of lamb on the Santa Maria rotisserie

    Ok I have been watching the price of lamb come down a bit, and picked up a 6+ lb. Greenwise boneless leg of lamb from Publix. I unwrapped it from the netting & rolled it out. I trimmed all the extra fat & silver skin out & covered it in Chimichurri sauce. Coated both sides really well & let it...
  7. SmokinAl

    SANTA MARIA rotisserie turkey

    Our Grandson is coming today for the week, he is a chef & will be bringing a rack of lamb from his restaurant, for our Thanksgiving meal. It's a dish they make at his restaurant, so he's making some kind of Greek veggies or salad or something to go with it. I love lamb & this will be a real...

    New member, New build

    Hi all, I had reviewed this forum since January, looking for tips, as I started to build my new smoker/cooker. Thanks for all the info I came across and my new build was a success, with a first turkey cook last week! To start, I wanted to buy a "smoker-cooker" with rotisserie and infrared...
  9. SmokinAl

    Rotisserie Babybacks!! Adam made me do it!!

    I bought a rotisserie attachment for my Santa Maria rig on my kettle. The first thing I made was a chicken. I only took one photo, but it turned out really good. Tender & juicy with a slight hint of hickory smoke with nice crispy skin. After seeing Adams post about spinning ribs, I just had to...
  10. dirtsailor2003

    Meater Block Buyer Beware ***UPDATE***

    I haven't posted to this site for ever, but thought I'd share my experience with the Meater Block. I was an early backer on Kickstarter and finally received mine in one of the first shipments after production. It has not worked properly from the get go. The unit has needed to do an update from...
  11. N

    Spinning Chicken Thighs

    I was going to try and spin some chicken thighs on the rotisserie to impart some smoke flavor to the meat I'm putting in a chicken bog. We have a lot of meat to cook, so I was going to stack them on the spit like you would shwarma. Any reason I shouldn't do it this way?
  12. rexster314

    Rotisserie Motor

    I started roasting coffee a couple of months ago on my Kitchenaid gas grill. The K/A rotisserie kit works well, but it's too slow for roasting coffee, and the beans can get roasted a little too much if you're not careful. I found this rotisserie motor on Amazon that seemed to be the fix for...
  13. singlebarrel1

    Southern Pride BBR 700

    I have quickly decided that I do not want to get into catering. I came upon it through a company bid for unused equipment. The local well known distillery in Lynchburg, TN has not used this cooker in years. It used to do all of the BBQ for large parties, but has been seldom used in the last...
  14. C

    WTB Cabinet Rotisserie on trailer

    We got out of the KCBS circuit (comps) yrs ago..and sold our big smoker back then. Need a cabinet smoker for our concession & catering biz. Tight budget, looking for (gently) used/well maintained, and CLEAN. Ole Hickory, Southern Pride, or Cadillac types (fully automated cabinet style...
  15. T

    Thoughts? Rotisserie Build, Henny Penny Parts

    Hi all, I've got the central drive tube and side discs from a Henny Penny chicken rotisserie, but no baskets or spits (if that makes sense). Which is kind of a score. But, at the same time, there are potential drawbacks to using that drive tube, namely that it seems way too short for most pigs...
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