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pellet smoker

  1. B

    Pit Boss UK

    Hi Guys Pit Boss has just popped back up in the UK, they were here last year then it all seemed to disappear. I can see their old models are for sale at Asda & Costco. Buff BBQ seem to stock a lot of their range but there are a still a few missing that are available in the US. They seem to...
  2. kilo charlie

    Whole Hog Rotisserie rebuild

    So.. I have some questions and while I have no expectations of exact answers , I am hoping that someone can help me with some advice. I have a new to me whole hog roster that's in need of restoration and modification. I'm debating about adding 2 Pellet Pros to the back side of this roaster...
  3. matuz

    Share your Green Mountain Grill Pork butt Profile?

    I am going to throw a butt or...two actually....on my Daniel Boone Sunday night, hoping to wake to some delicious pulled pork for lunch on Monday. I was looking at the profile to smoke pork on my GMG App, and was wondering if anyone had toyed around created one and and would want to share? I...
  4. A

    Can you burn lump charcoal in the grill chamber of an offset pellet smoker?

    I'm done with big box grills and smokers, and am ready to buy a good piece of equipment. I was going to buy an offset smoker, since I mostly grill but I do like to smoke now and again. I don't smoke meat too much, since I don't have a lot of time to spend tending to the fire. So the idea of a...
  5. flatbroke

    kicked off the year off with pulled pork

    Was processing Sausage and seasoned a 10 pound butt with Oak ridge dominator rub, scored the fat and seasoned liberally. Started the pitboss pellet smoker up at 250 and after and hour threw the butt on at 710 am and turned the smoker down to 225 and let it ride. about 8 hrs in i raised the...
  6. dirtsailor2003

    Bacon Season has arrived

    A few weeks ago our Costco had bellies on sale so I picked up two nice ones to make into bacon. I like to dry cure and cold smoke my bacon. I had planned on smoking on the 24th of October, but life got in the way so Smoke day will be Nov 2nd. I will be cold smoking and plan on smoking 18 hours...
  7. un4gvn1

    3-2-1 Ribs w/ SmokinAl's rub

    Safeway had "St Louis style" ribs on sale last week for 1/2 off, yesterday was the day. These were 3-2-1 ribs done @ 225* in the Traeger as I wasn't going to be able to babysit the propane smoker. The "set & forget" of the Traeger is really nice sometimes. Let me start with a shoutout to...
  8. Rmartinez2

    Smoked Chuck Pot Roast

    Hello Friends, Yesterday I tried something a little different. I saw a pretty inexpensive chuck roast at the store and was planning to slice it but then wondered "would a smoked pot roast taste good?" I'm sure its been done multiple times but mind you this was an original thought in my world...
  9. J

    Recommendations for my first Brisket

    Hello, I am wanting to make a brisket this weekend and it will be my first one. I am looking for recommendations on how to cook it on my Pit Boss pellet grill/smoker. I have a rub ready and will apply it and let it sit in the fridge overnight. The brisket I have is a cut around 3.75 lbs I got at...
  10. Rmartinez2

    Heat Glove suggestions

    I'm looking for some decent heat resistant gloves. I have a pair that are just way too bulky so i cant really maneuver much with them. They almost look like gloves made out of fireman gear or slippery rubber. I see a lot of videos where people are using what look like your typical winter/snow...
  11. Rmartinez2

    Smoked Turkey

    Hey everyone today i'll be putting a small turkey in a brine to smoke for tomorrow. I had a couple of questions on the cook, specifically the placement. I have a resting rack that sits on a cookie sheet/pan. Would it take away from the smoke if i were to put the turkey in the grill on that...
  12. soonerbeachbum

    Help. Yoder YS640 vs Rec Tec 700

    Howdy everyone I need some help deciding on a pellet smoker. I've been considering purchasing one for awhile now because of the convience of setting and forgetting with a busy schedule. Now I have a newborn and my 4 year old so my time tending my smokers are limited for the next few years so the...
  13. HarleySmoker417

    Second video going up

    What's going on... So If you missed it before I am starting a youtube channel for Novice smokers such as myself. I am posting the second video in about an hour so please stop by and check it out. would like the feed back of the peps that have been at it for a while and Ideas for Videos are...
  14. D

    Pitts and Spitts

    Have two new Pitts and Spitts Maverick 850 for sale, check them out on the Spitts and Spitts web site. Hold temperature within one degree unbelievable, built like a tank unlike Trager for approximately the same price.
  15. TonyBones

    Power Paranoia Warranted?

    Alright guys I've decided after owning a WSM and a Weber Kettle for a while now I would also like to have some more convenience with a pellet grill. I've never done super long cooks on my WSM for that reason. The ole' power outage is paranoia is starting to set in. I've searched threads on...
  16. banjo

    Pork Ribs - Favorite Temperature for smoking

    I'll be smoking some PORK RIBS (from Costco) this week, and I've never done them on my Pit-Boss 820D before. So I thought I would post this poll:
  17. banjo

    Temp/Time Charts: P0 - P7 for my Pit-Boss 820D

    Note: Charts with corrected time scale have been uploaded; they are two comments down from this entry. Note: no meat on racks during these tests. Note: Charts at bottom of this post. Note: If anyone is interested in the raw data, let me know and I'll upload to my blog site. It's about 11 Meg...
  18. pelletfire

    Seeking advice on improving my brisket cook

    I recently cooked a whole packer brisket, and it turned out OK, but not great. I'd like to hear thoughts from the group here and recommendations for how I can do better next time. General info: Brisket was 11.32 lb prime from Costco. Trimmed almost all of the fat, but made sure flat and point...
  19. banjo

    What's your favorite method for smoking brisket?

    This a poll, so select from list above! Franklin, of Franklin's BBQ in Austin TX, recommends the use of butcher paper in smoking brisket. I bought some butcher paper a while back, and intend to use it soon in smoking brisket. I've never used the butcher paper before, just leaving my brisket...
  20. banjo

    What is your favorite wood for Brisket?

    This is a poll! So select from list! I have only smoked brisket a few times, and when I did, it was never as good as some of the good local restaurants. I live in N. Georgia, and we've got some good pork BBQ places, but only a few that know how to cook brisket. Moonie's BBQ, in Flowery...
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