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  1. R

    MAK One-Star General Pellet Grill for Sale

    Three month old MAK One-Star General pellet grill If you’re not familiar with MAK Grills, they are a very well-respected high-end pellet grill manufacturer based in Oregon. Their grills are Made in the USA and very high quality. I purchased this grill directly from MAK in April 2023. I’ve...
  2. SmokinAl

    Recteq 1250 one year review

    Well I can’t believe it but it’s been over a year since I went the pellet route. I’ve done about 30-40 cooks on the 1250 & for the most part I’m very happy with it. A few things I learned were: 1 - don’t use recteq ultimate blend pellets, they don’t give much flavor or smoke. I found that I like...
  3. T

    Mak 2-Star General for Sale $1,900 (Dallas/Ft Worth)

    Selling a Mak 2-Star. Made in the USA & it's in excellent condition. Roughly a dozen uses per year since purchased in late 2019. Unit includes wifi module, front shelf, extra shelves, extra probe, sear grate, SS cabinet door, & smoker cover.
  4. SmokinAl

    Rec Tec extreme smoke setting

    I would like to try an overnight butt smoke on my new RT 1250. I would like to use the extreme smoke setting all night long, with no smoke tube or anything else. I know that the temp will be around 180, and it will never get to 140 in 4 hours. So I’m going to inject it with a brine that has some...
  5. C

    Need help, first time smoker, anyone else having issues with a Memphis Grill?

    I was excited to get my new Memphis Grill but unfortunately its been nothing but problems. Broken motor replaced, blower broke and replaced, digital screen is clearly not waterproof and fried not once but twice, mobile app doesn't work, sms notifications don't work, can't believe I spent $5k on...
  6. YeOldeBrisket

    Extremely Fast Cook Times on Brisket & Butt with Insulated Cover - Can Dinner be Saved?

    Hi Folks, I'm seeing something pretty strange with my pellet smoker. I put a 9.5lbs butt and 12lbs brisket on my smoker at 225 and in just 7.5 hours, temps are 178 on the pork and 193 on the brisket (temp taken on the flat). Neither were wrapped. I've never seen cook times anywhere near this...
  7. M

    Camp Chef Woodwind 36 - New never used $1150 OBO

    Good morning everyone! I have a Brand New Camp Chef Woodwind 36 for sale. It has been assembled but never fired up. Even have a bag of Traeger gourmet blend to go with it. It is located in Parker CO. Local pickup only as it would be a bear to ship. Asking $1150 OBO If you would like additional...
  8. W

    SOLD - Gator Pit - Texas Premier 2036 Pellet Smoker Cooker - $3000

    Paid 3800 with shipping and waited 9 months. Get it now for 3000. This pit rocks, I hate giving it up. It's big and heavy, keeps the heat at the right temp for hours on end. Everyone loves my BBQ, I tell them it's not me, it's the pit. I have a 2nd top rack not shown in photos as I never it...
  9. thunderdoom

    First time with Pellet Smoker, first time smoking multiple pieces. First time with a large crowd of just adults. Some Questions!

    So I'm gearing up for a large bachelor party. The largest Boston Butt I've done has been probably 12/13 pounds. I figure for 20 grown men all around 30-40 years old I'm looking at 17 pounds of meat. (figuring 40% meat loss through smoking, 1/2 pound per person). Also, this event is pretty far...
  10. J

    Upgrade my Traeger to What?

    I want to upgrade my 5 year old Traeger. Can't remember what model. I have been looking at a new Traeger and the Pits and Spits Maverick. I want more room, wifi, better temp control, etc What do you think? What should I go with? Pros / Cons?
  11. B

    Pit Boss UK

    Hi Guys Pit Boss has just popped back up in the UK, they were here last year then it all seemed to disappear. I can see their old models are for sale at Asda & Costco. Buff BBQ seem to stock a lot of their range but there are a still a few missing that are available in the US. They seem to...
  12. kilo charlie

    Whole Hog Rotisserie rebuild

    So.. I have some questions and while I have no expectations of exact answers , I am hoping that someone can help me with some advice. I have a new to me whole hog roster that's in need of restoration and modification. I'm debating about adding 2 Pellet Pros to the back side of this roaster...
  13. matuz

    Share your Green Mountain Grill Pork butt Profile?

    I am going to throw a butt or...two actually....on my Daniel Boone Sunday night, hoping to wake to some delicious pulled pork for lunch on Monday. I was looking at the profile to smoke pork on my GMG App, and was wondering if anyone had toyed around created one and and would want to share? I...
  14. A

    Can you burn lump charcoal in the grill chamber of an offset pellet smoker?

    I'm done with big box grills and smokers, and am ready to buy a good piece of equipment. I was going to buy an offset smoker, since I mostly grill but I do like to smoke now and again. I don't smoke meat too much, since I don't have a lot of time to spend tending to the fire. So the idea of a...
  15. flatbroke

    kicked off the year off with pulled pork

    Was processing Sausage and seasoned a 10 pound butt with Oak ridge dominator rub, scored the fat and seasoned liberally. Started the pitboss pellet smoker up at 250 and after and hour threw the butt on at 710 am and turned the smoker down to 225 and let it ride. about 8 hrs in i raised the...
  16. dirtsailor2003

    Bacon Season has arrived

    A few weeks ago our Costco had bellies on sale so I picked up two nice ones to make into bacon. I like to dry cure and cold smoke my bacon. I had planned on smoking on the 24th of October, but life got in the way so Smoke day will be Nov 2nd. I will be cold smoking and plan on smoking 18 hours...
  17. un4gvn1

    3-2-1 Ribs w/ SmokinAl's rub

    Safeway had "St Louis style" ribs on sale last week for 1/2 off, yesterday was the day. These were 3-2-1 ribs done @ 225* in the Traeger as I wasn't going to be able to babysit the propane smoker. The "set & forget" of the Traeger is really nice sometimes. Let me start with a shoutout to...
  18. Rmartinez2

    Smoked Chuck Pot Roast

    Hello Friends, Yesterday I tried something a little different. I saw a pretty inexpensive chuck roast at the store and was planning to slice it but then wondered "would a smoked pot roast taste good?" I'm sure its been done multiple times but mind you this was an original thought in my world...
  19. J

    Recommendations for my first Brisket

    Hello, I am wanting to make a brisket this weekend and it will be my first one. I am looking for recommendations on how to cook it on my Pit Boss pellet grill/smoker. I have a rub ready and will apply it and let it sit in the fridge overnight. The brisket I have is a cut around 3.75 lbs I got at...
  20. Rmartinez2

    Heat Glove suggestions

    I'm looking for some decent heat resistant gloves. I have a pair that are just way too bulky so i cant really maneuver much with them. They almost look like gloves made out of fireman gear or slippery rubber. I see a lot of videos where people are using what look like your typical winter/snow...