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  1. disco

    Spicy Lime Chili Jerky

    I love jerky. I also love spicy food but it doesn’t love me. The question was, could I make a spicy jerky that walked the tightrope between spicy and pain causing? This is my effort. The first consideration was what kind of spicy? Different spices, peppers and sauces give different kind of...
  2. A

    New to jerky

    Hi everyone I am typing on the cell phone so sorry for punctuation or lack of. I know this is a smoking meat forum but at the moment I do not have the means to be able to try smoking my jerky but I just buy a dehydrator and I was hoping someone could help me with the problem of my beef jerky...
  3. G

    Reverse Engingeering Nesco Original Seasoning

    In my opinion this seasoning is right on point. It came with my nesco kit and I just began to order it. The price has gun up pretty high. Does anyone know what the recipe is. I know it has preservatives in it and such and I did read a thread about this somewhere saying walmart still carrys it...
  4. C

    Hello from Ontario Canada

    Hey there! I'm super excited to be making goose jerky today. I have the meat marinading in the fridge since Wednesday night. I am using a vertical charcoal smoker for only the second time ever. I made goose jerky once last summer and it turned out really good. I only wish I had documented...
  5. disco

    OFG Jerky

    I love jerky. It is so handy to have around for golf games, road trips or just snacking. I have been working on my jerky making and have tried several different methods and seasonings. I have finally settled on my go to base recipe and this is it. So, I have dubbed it OFG Jerky! I start with...
  6. S

    Pit Boss - over-smoked jerkey?

    i have a PitBoss series 5. I made a batch of jerky using Bear’s method (long drying process with small increases in temp). However because even the lowest temp produces smoke it resulted in an over-smoked taste (but excellent texture). How do I reduce the smoke flavour? Do I just empty the...
  7. J

    Best Smoker For Large Batches Of Jerky?

    Hey everyone longtime lurker first time poster here! I am trying to find a smoker that can make large batches of jerky at a time. I'm currently able to fit about 3lbs (before drying) in my smoker but I am about to start selling my jerky at farmers markets and what not and need...
  8. R

    Using cure for making Jerky.

    Well, I am new here so Hello to start off with. I have a question in regards to jerky making. I got a dehydrator recently with the intention of jerky making. I also purchased some Prague Powder cure #1 and some Potassium Sorbate. My intention is to produce jerky that can/will last a while and...
  9. paul2002

    Please help! Mushy beef snack sticks

    Hello All, Been a long time since I've logged on. Unfortunately my hobbies come and go lol. But I do always come back to them. Too many interests! Anyway, I am trying to make beef snack sticks. Or I call them smokies. I've been trying to nail them down for a while now. They always come out...
  10. R

    Cold smoke venison jerky

    Going through the steps to make sure my ground venison/cure/seasoning combo is mixed thoroughly and cured overnight could I cold smoke the jerky strips for a few hours before throwing them in the dehydrator? Reason why I ask is I only have access to a cold smoker and a dehydrator. I usually just...
  11. B

    First batch of jerky in awhile

    It's been awhile since I've done a batch of jerky and I'll be heading up to the lake for a few days so I figured it would be perfect to snack on while fishing. Was short on time so I grabbed 4ish pounds of sliced top round from our local butcher. Went simple with this one doctoring up a High...
  12. C

    How long is my homemade beef jerky good for?

    My best friend loves my homemade beef jerky and I wanted to make a whole bunch for him for his birthday coming up in a month. I was just wondering how long my homemade beef jerky is good for and if it’s safe to ship to him, since he lives in a different state. With my homemade beef jerky I use...
  13. Rings Я Us

    Jerky makes us crazy

    Interesting news story. https://boingboing.net/2018/07/25/study-eating-beef-jerky-could.html
  14. disco

    Teriyaki Jerky

    I was out of jerky so I decided to make some of my favourite from scratch jerky. I started by trimming the fat of an inside round roast. I cut it into 1/4 inch strips. Personally, I don't care whether it is cut against or with the grain, both have a nice texture. I made a marinade slurry by...
  15. S

    Beef Jerky - salt or cure

    Hey guys. I've been making Jerky for a few months on my GMG Daniel Boone pellet smoker and it's been turning out great so far. But I want to try giving some away to family members, friends and I don't want to worry about them keeping it in the refrigerator. Currently, I use eye of round roast...
  16. T

    More Jerky, More Time?

    I have recently gotten into jerky big time. I make it in my electric smoker, and I've been making about 7 lbs each weekend (pre-cook weight.) That's 1 batch Saturday and 1 batch Sunday. This never makes it past Tuesday :) I have everyone hitting me up for jerky all the time! I just upgraded my...
  17. bigrybsmoke

    corned beef jerky?

    I have an idea in my head of corning a bottom round or arm roast to make into jerky. I believe corned beef brisket will make for a tough chew. bottom round is what I usually use for jerky making. what I'm wondering is this a viable thing? i don't wanna sink a week into prep and money into...
  18. J

    GB flat jerky

    Hello everyone! Hoping you all can help me out. Tried my hand at making GB flat jerky. Put them in the smoker. They looked like they were going to turn out fantastic. When it came time to take them out and see if they were done every single piece of jerky was stuck to the rack. They weren’t...
  19. N

    Wet Jerky after smoking and other questions

    Hello all! I have recently been trying to my hand at smoking some beef jerky and have had some mixed results. I was hoping you guys could lend some advice. In total I have made 4 batches of jerky so far in my smoker. (electric - Masterbuilt Pro Electric) I have been using pretty much the same...
  20. myquest

    Anyone make jerky with beef heart?

    I have a couple of hearts and have heard they make good jerky. Anyone out there have a recipe?
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