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Nov 15, 2020
So I've made jerky acouple of times before. Im not doing anything fancy mainly just ground beef with nesco original season packets. Although I've done jerk seasoning from Jamaica twice(highly recommended). So my question is what do you guys do to manage the smell during the dehydration process?Personally I love it but my fiance is just about ready to kill me (she has a very strong nose) I've already moved my process to the garage making sure to have a clean area to keep the dehydrator but when she does go out in the garage it really bothers her nose to the point that it upsets her stomach.

I would highly appreciate any help you guys could give
Welcome from Tennessee. Don't have a good answer for keeping the smell out. Do you have an out building or anything like that? If you have a smoker you could use it for your jerky. Also you haven't married her yet so there's that lol. Just kidding about that one.....kind of
Unfortunately I'm in a townhouse so no external buildings. Ill definitely look into the smoker tho
My wife complains about the smell when I make jerky as well, just not to the degree of making her sick. I still make it in the house cause she eats it:emoji_laughing:. Not really much you can do with the smell that I can think of.
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Welcome...Send her for a Girl's Night Out or give her your Credit Card and send her Shopping! She will stop complaining, Guaranteed...JJ
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I really don't understand the problem. No one in my circle of acquaintances has ever complained about me making jerky indoors. It's always disappeared too fast too.:emoji_smiling_imp:

Maybe y'all need to find new friends and spouses.
Now, now, Gentlemen...A Good Woman can be hard to find.
If she is " The One! " Get yourself a Dehydrator or Smoker and make your Jerky outside.
My Wife of 32 years, Hates the Smell of PHO cooking! I make it outside in a Crock Pot, or I do without. I have a really Good Wife!...JJ
HMMMM... decisions decisions ...

2 fans... one drawing fresh air in the side door.. the other blowing it out the garage door ...

And then tell her that's the best I can do... if it bothers ya that bad after doing all that... then don't come out in the garage ...
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