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Jun 29, 2021
Hello, not new to burning meats but i would definitely like to continue to step my game up.
Currently i have a jerky project going on it i could get some direction on....
Very new to curing meats would like some experienced advice to my wet cure and time i can let it stay in the fridge before going to the dehydrator.
Thanks to all and look forward to learning!!!
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Welcome to SMF!

Post up your process and your questions so the smart people can help you out! HAHA
You can let things go in a wet brine for a few weeks; I'm not sure about how long repeatedly dumping+remaking the brine would work. I am smoking some buckboard bacon that, due to weather, the oldest piece has been in brine for 15 days (~1wk extra for its thickness).

like SmokinEdge SmokinEdge asked, what is your process?
Hey !
Thanks for the quick responses,
So far i used london broil for the meat, 5-6 lb cuts.
They went into a brine for about 4 days.
Brine was :
1 box of Kosher salt and spices , clover garlic ,pepper.....basics
10 gals of water

Pulled from brine then sliced into jerky with deli meat slicer
From there i made my flavor marinades
And added Anthony's cure #1
Each bag had 3lbs of meat so i added 3.2 grams of cure #1 per bag.
(This was based on the 1oz. Of cure for 25lbs. )
So they have been in the fridge un opened for 3 weeks now....didn't intend on being that long.
So my question being , what signs if any like smell or look mainly do i need to be concerned with.
One bag does seem to start having the "aged" beef smell.
Lol um can i just throw a little more cure in the bags to kill any bacteria? is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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