cold smoke

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  1. Markl

    Release the smoke

    Picked up a used MES cheap and added the Mailbox Mod. Got 10lbs of pork belly curing and can't wait to smoke it in this rig! Its first dry run today.
  2. B

    Cold smoking

    Hello! I have been reading for a while, but just joined. I’m smoking yo in Ontario (in a thunderstorm) and wondering about cold smoking with an offset. I came up with this to get some smoke on to my wife’s homemade cheese. Any tips?
  3. B

    First attempt at cheese and my new cold smoke setup

    With a nice cold front passing through north GA this weekend, I decided to put together my version of a mailbox mod and try it out on some cheese. My cold smoker is a Char-Broil smoker side box attachment that I picked up (NIB) off Facebook for $20. I got an aluminum duct the I cut. One piece...
  4. Majja13

    How to use a CampChef 18: SV to cold smoke

    My thoughts wile I am waiting to get the new pellet rig, I have always wanted to venture into the realm of cold smoke ( cheese, meats and yes BACON) I know there are a million one ways probably to do this. What was I thinking was kind of using a A-Maze-N tube or maze in the wood trey on my SV to...
  5. J

    A-Maze-N pellet tray ignition

    Hello, I am using the pellet tray in my Weber Smokey Mountain and the last couple of cold smokes, I've had an issue with it completely combusting about 1/2 way through. Is it just a matter of closing down some bottom vents? Or, is there something else i can do to help prevent it. It's a great...
  6. Odie Oskarsson

    Dry cured smoked leg of lamb

    Hi all, a few years ago I posted a thread about making Icelandic Hangikjot using a brine cure. I have made it a dozen times since then and it is always great (I have one stabilizing now after a 2 week cure and 3 day smoke to make for Christmas) My local grocery had a good deal on some nice...
  7. R

    PitBoss Pro Series 2 Combo

    Alright, after much research and many opinions and thoughts, I purchased the pitboss pro series 2 combo pellet/gas grill from lowes. I have broken it in with a tri tip cooked last night, turned out great and the meat probe was pretty close to the wireless meater+ problem that I have as well...
  8. A

    Cold smoking fish in the caribbean or similar climate?

    So I've been wanting to cold smoke some fish like wahoo and swordfish but I'm unsure if I'm able to because of the climate that I'm in, its pretty hot. and i dont know how i feel about fish sitting outside for several hours at that temp. Any of you guys around Florida or those areas cold smoke...
  9. V

    Has anyone used a Smokai Smoke generator on their pellet grill or smoker?

    Looking at adding a Smokai Smoke Unit from New Zealand to my (yet to arrive Camp Chef XXL Wifi) for cold smokes - Looking forward to cold smoking some fresh sausage - (Brats and Polish with cure) and freeze for summertime grilling. That is the unit I'm looking at although I know many others out...
  10. reformedvegan

    Help w/ AMNTS cold smokin in a Pit Boss pellet "grill"

    Folks, I have one of the PB 700-series models. I tried cold-smoking cheese this weekend with my 12" AMNTS, and I was disappointed with the thick, white smoke it produced and the bitter, acrid, chemical taste of the cheese after smoking. I have vacuum sealed the cheese and plan to let it mellow...
  11. K

    A-MAZE-N Maze, Cold Smoke – Ash Flavored Nova Lox

    Hello – I’m reaching out to the community in the interest of learning from my first cold smoking attempt that went wrong. My goal was to make Nova Lox. I’d really appreciate any constructive ideas you can share. I’m having trouble identifying the problem(s), especially given others’ successful...
  12. smokeshark

    Smoked uncured sausage

    Hey all, Happy Holidays. I’ve been reading posts on here for years but this is my first question. It may have been answered elsewhere but I can’t find it. In South Georgia/North Florid there are several roadside sausage stores. They sell uncured smoked sausage, I’ve tried them all and they are...
  13. PrairieMomDieselDad

    New kid on the block

    New to smoking. Trying pork bellies for bacon and also ham. Wet cured now trying the cold smoker out. If the meats cured do I need to make sure the temp is below a certain temp? I can ask somewhere else also.
  14. gimmeharmony

    Smoking Cheese in the Vision Grill with AMNPS QView

    Got some decent cheese from Costco and Kroger. Fired it up for three and a half hours with pecan wood pellets in the A-MAZE-N 5x8 smoker maze. Used a tray with icecubes below the cheese. It was 70° outside and was able to stay below 80° in the grill. Sealed with Foodsaver and now we wait...
  15. C

    What would be the best size for cardboard smoker?

    I am trying to build a cold smoker with cardboard. What would be the optimal size for it? I see that many people use 2 x 2 x 4 ft but what if I go with 1 x 1 x 2 ft? Would it be too small? Is there any disadvantage of having it small?
  16. M

    What are your ratios: salt:fish weight and time.

    I'm a bit hit and miss with my dry cure salmon process (I cold smoke). Sometimes it's great, sometimes it's oversalted as hell. As a newbie, I see all over the internet, lots of different quantities of salt : fish lbs and curing time. Some recipes pack on the cure and leave it for 2 hrs, or 4...
  17. M

    Cold smoked salt and pepper

    Hi guys, After months of reading on the forum I decided to cold smoke some salt and pepper with hickory I used rock salt , Himalayan salt, and whole peppers. Smoked for 8 -9 hours with hickory I noticed the humidity in the air may have been am issue? How long should I leave before...
  18. dirtsailor2003

    Bacon Season has arrived

    A few weeks ago our Costco had bellies on sale so I picked up two nice ones to make into bacon. I like to dry cure and cold smoke my bacon. I had planned on smoking on the 24th of October, but life got in the way so Smoke day will be Nov 2nd. I will be cold smoking and plan on smoking 18 hours...
  19. stringman

    Thoughts & Ideas on making a smoker cabinet using a wine cooler (long post)

    Hi Guys Its been a while since i last posted. At the moment i have a simple small cold smoker. Small fire box with maze pellet smoker linked to a 3ft x4ft wooden smoking chamber. It works well but, like everyone the summer temperatures can make it tricky. So i thought i would have a go at...
  20. P

    Feedback or guidance on my DIY cold smoker

    Hello! I built my first wooden cold smoking box, and I'd appreciate some guidance on next steps. Currently my smoke source is the Amaze'n Pellet Tube, and the smoke vents out of the gap above the door. Eventually I'd like to get to a full setup with smoke generated externally and piped into the...