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cold smoke

  1. dirtsailor2003

    Bacon Season has arrived

    A few weeks ago our Costco had bellies on sale so I picked up two nice ones to make into bacon. I like to dry cure and cold smoke my bacon. I had planned on smoking on the 24th of October, but life got in the way so Smoke day will be Nov 2nd. I will be cold smoking and plan on smoking 18 hours...
  2. stringman

    Thoughts & Ideas on making a smoker cabinet using a wine cooler (long post)

    Hi Guys Its been a while since i last posted. At the moment i have a simple small cold smoker. Small fire box with maze pellet smoker linked to a 3ft x4ft wooden smoking chamber. It works well but, like everyone the summer temperatures can make it tricky. So i thought i would have a go at...
  3. P

    Feedback or guidance on my DIY cold smoker

    Hello! I built my first wooden cold smoking box, and I'd appreciate some guidance on next steps. Currently my smoke source is the Amaze'n Pellet Tube, and the smoke vents out of the gap above the door. Eventually I'd like to get to a full setup with smoke generated externally and piped into the...
  4. KyleWolf

    Smoked Parmesan

    Hey Everyone, I have been smoking for a number of years, but this is my first time posting here. I have an MES+cold smoke attachment. I've made a number of smoked cheeses before, but one I have really enjoyed is smoked parmesan. I haven't seen it talked about much on the board. I love using...
  5. Fran

    Canadian style & back bacon

    Finished off doing a Canadian style bacon & a back bacon today. I use a wet brine akin to Pop's (lower salt & sugar), with maple syrup, then crushed coriander, mixed peppercorns, mustard seeds & all spice berries that I put in an oversized 'teabag', floaters in the brine are a load of bay...
  6. John_D

    Cold smoking in older bradley smoker

    Hey everyone, in need of some info for cold smoking on an older Bradley smoker. I have made my first attempt at some bacon thats due to finish curing this Tuesday and was going to put in my old style bradley. The question is, do I need to turn the main box on to heat it to 180 degrees or can...
  7. Cook63

    Smokehouse build

    Starting this build in July. Finished all my metal work yesterday and put fire to it today. Finally cold enough here in Kansas to be able to get some cold smoke rolling!
  8. H

    First time smokehouse build

    Hey, guys, I found this forum and fell in love! Seems like a great community with great advice and people. So here are the details on my build. Proposed 5x5x4 house to mainly smoke venison summer sausage, Snack sticks, and jerky. Maybe i am off here but what i wanted to do was A. use a Smoke...
  9. Eaglechaser

    Need A-Maze-N Advice in Northern NY

    I'm fairly new here but I've been smoking for about three years. I decided to try my hand at cold smoking cheese with the AMNS (6X6) but I'm having a hard time keeping the dust lit. I used an Akorn Kamado grill and placed the maze on the fire bowl grate (no charcoal), both top and bottom vents...
  10. UphillWillie

    Help with cold smokers

    Hello, I'm new here and new to the smoking community but where I work I need to become an expert over night. Now that's not going to happen but that doesn't mean I can't try with help. I am looking for a smoker $1,000 or under that is a cold smoker to smoke salt (We use it in house). But I need...
  11. SmokinAl


    Well I have heard so much talk about Berkshire hogs that I wanted to try to get a belly for bacon. None to be had around here so I went online & ordered one from Tenderbelly.com. They are a great Company to deal with & the owner Shannon is a real stand up guy, kinda reminds me of Todd Johnson of...
  12. FZR650

    My eletric smoker

    I built this beast in the fall. I have used it twice (smoke salmon with scallop were perfect - the brisket was a fail do to heat problems) 36” tall x 24” wide x 18” deep. {I’m looking into kiln wire element connected to a PID unit for heat. Commercial smoker use kiln elements} The smoke is from...
  13. equinn

    Newbie - tell me if am doing this salmon right

    Hi All, Looking for some reassurance I guess. I have never cold smoked anything and I have never smoked salmon at all. I want to cold smoke some salmon, just as a trial, only one piece. Its about 1.25 lbs. I made a dry cure using 1 cup kosher salt, 1 cup brown sugar, and 1/2 teaspoon of...
  14. SmokinAl

    Got a belly from my Grandson, SO I MADE BACON , steps & q-view galore

    My Grandson is a chef in a high end restaurant in Ft. Lauderdale. He came up for a visit & asked if he could bring anything. I said if you can get a nice thick pork belly that would be great. He said no prob, Gramps! Here is what he brought. It was already skinned & weighed 13 lbs. Here is...
  15. SmokinAl

    Cold Smoked Ham, qview

    We were at the grocery store a couple of weeks ago & were hungry for ham sandwiches. Instead of buying a few slices in the deli I found a real nice boneless half ham. No trimming needed, already cooked ready to slice. Sliced it up & it was a very good ham, but it didn't have much smoke flavor...
  16. SmokinAl

    Muenster with the AMNPS in my Smoke Vault (update-ready to eat)

    Grabbed 2 big hunks of Muenster cheese yesterday at Sam's. Got a big surprise when I got home there was a package at our front door with my new AMNPS in it. Just perfect timing. I got 3 bags of pellets with it too. Hickory, Apple, and Maple. For today I put 1 row of hickory & 1 row of apple. I...
  17. SmokinAl


    I have made lox following bbally's instructions several times over the last year or so. I grew up on lox & cream cheese with a slice of onion on a good bagel. This was a weekly event at our house. Over the years I have tried lox many times & I can honestly say I have never had lox as good as...
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