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chuck roast

  1. xray

    Chuck Roast Burnt Ends

    It's been awhile since I made up some chuck roast burnt ends and seeing a few lately put me in the mood for them. I pulled two chuck's out of the freezer in anticipation of smoking on Sunday since the weather was going to be absolutely beautiful (sunny and high 70s is a great day for April in...
  2. chopsaw

    Sliced chuck practice

    Did this awhile ago . Trying for a tender slice of smoked chuck . Worked out pretty good . Just thru this on the 14 wsm one day with some mesquite . No other meal items . This time I tied some butchers twine around the center ( on the side ) to keep its shape . On a rack in foil pan . Took to...
  3. A

    Super Bowl Poor Man's Burnt Ends Water Pan

    Hey Everyone, I am planning grilling up some Poor Man's Burnt Ends on Sunday for the Super Bowl. I have a four burner gas grill. I have a quick question in regards to a water pan. I am going to be spritzing the meat every so often with ACV, but do you think it is necessary to put a water pan...
  4. S

    First Chuckie

    I am doing my first Chuckie today. It got to 150 and stalled so I brought it in and wrapped it in butcher paper. When I put the probe back I can't find that spot again and it has basically fluctuated between 135 and 140 for the last two hours regardless of where I put the probe. Could the paper...
  5. KrisUpInSmoke

    Quick smoked Chuckie for Pulled Beef Sammies

    I was tight on time prepping for a big graduation party. I wanted to get the chuck roast good and smokey, then finish it up in the crockpot to shred for sandwiches the next day. I started with three good sized chuck roasts. I cut the roasts into evenly sized chunks and trimmed connective...
  6. Rmartinez2

    Smoked Chuck Pot Roast

    Hello Friends, Yesterday I tried something a little different. I saw a pretty inexpensive chuck roast at the store and was planning to slice it but then wondered "would a smoked pot roast taste good?" I'm sure its been done multiple times but mind you this was an original thought in my world...
  7. lemans

    Sunday Dinner

    My goal is pulled Beef on Bao Buns If not I can order a pizza!! Started with a 5 lb Chuck. Injected with Butchers Beef Boost and used Killer Hogs Rub. The Vision with the iKamand set for 250 using Lump and Oak Stay tuned
  8. Preacher Man

    Smoked Chuck Grilled Cheese

    Will the meal prep chuck I did the other day, I decided to make a quick lunch for a cold cloudy day. Thawed some chuck in a simmering pot until warm. Layered some bread with some horseradish-mayo, smoked sharp cheddar, chuck slices, and then some smoked provolone. Toasted low and slow on...
  9. Preacher Man

    Meal Prep - Pepper Crusted Smoked Chuck for Sliced Roast Beef

    I have a ton of chuck in my freezer, so I decided to smoke a couple for meal prep. Our family likes pepper crusted roast beef slices for many different dishes. However, we also like our roast beef slices really tender, so I smoke it all the way to pulling temperature and then chill before...
  10. Preacher Man

    Pulled Chuck Chili

    We had our annual New Year's Eve Chili Cook-Off at church tonight. I had 2 lbs of smoked chuck leftover from my chuck tacos, so I decided to use that in my chili. My 8 year old heard the word "competition" and wanted in. She's insanely competitive and started working on a recipe about 3 months...
  11. DobriDim

    Really late Stall in Chuck

    Hey guys, did this ever happened to you. Last two time i was smoking chuck, i smoke it to round 65-70C (150-160F), put it in Alu foil, put some beef broth in, wrap it, and return to the smoker. It goes on slowly, raising internal temp to round 84C (183-185F), and then it stops, and the meat...
  12. illini40

    Smoked Chuck Roast: Q-View

    Good Morning Smoking a chuck roast today. Planning to just slice/chop/pull. Any suggestions? Started with a 2.5 pound choice chuck roast. Seems to have some good marbling. Just a little bit of trimming. I hit it with a solid base layer of Killer Hogs AP Seasoning, and then a light coating...
  13. Preacher Man

    9 lbs Packer Brisket and Chuck Burnt Ends QView

    Found a cute little 9 lbs Packer that I'm smoking for company tomorrow. I'm also throwing on a chuck roast to cube up for burnt ends. The plan is 225° with mesquite until tender. I'll wrap with butcher paper sometime between 165°-175°. Company asked what time supper was and I told them, "When...
  14. Preacher Man

    Chuck Roast Tacos

    I found a couple of chuck roasts in the clearance section at the grocery store this week. I'd never tried smoking chuck, but thought "What the heck?" for $1.29/lb. My intent was to make pulled beef sandwiches. One roast was a chuck crossrib and the other was a chuck tender. Both were about 2...
  15. loosechangedru

    Pulled Beef and Pork, and Ribs for the family

    My family (7 adults and 2 kids) is going to Blue Ridge for an extended weekend, and we've divided meal duties amongst different family members. As fun as it would be to run my 18.5 WSM at our cabin rental, I don't think it would outweigh the pain of traveling with it in a Prius. I decided to...
  16. L

    Shredded Chuck roast Chili idea for this weekend

    Hey everyone! I got a chuck roast that I wanna smoke this weekend in my WSM 18. I have a pretty good idea of what I *want* to do - but this will be my first attempt at what I'm doing and I don't really know if it's something I * should* do: Smoke chuck roast, to shred it - maybe cube depending...
  17. Suam461

    First try at chuck roast burnt ends

    I’m not brave enough to try brisket yet, but I love burnt ends! Gave this recipe a try today with a 3 lb chuck roast. Dry rub and Worcestershire overnight, in the smoker @ 245-265 and I hit 190 right at 7 hours. Cubed him up and back in with more spice, sauce, and a little brown sugar, stirring...
  18. hunter rose

    Triceratops Turds

    I'm calling these "Triceratops Turds." That is pretty much what they look like coming off the smoker. They are two chuck steaks that I trimmed, rolled and trussed. They then were in a Sous Vide meat bath for 45 hours, then an ice bath. I then re-seasoned it and put it on the smoker for 3 hours...
  19. hunter rose

    Need help on Sous Vide Chuck Steak w/Smoker

    I need your help... I have two large 2" chuck steaks that I purchased at Costco. They are Choice and each weighs about 2 1/2 lbs. I did trim some of the hard fat just as I would in a smoked brisket. They have been in the Sous Vide water bath at 130 degrees for what will likely be nearly 45...
  20. chopsaw

    First long SV cook , Chuck roast

    Bought a 3 lb. chuck , was gonna smoke it , but decided to SV . Used Bears time and temp . 133f for 21 hours . I seasoned with Freddy's steak burger seasoning and vac'd it overnight . I use an old brine bucket my Dad had . Wrapped it up to help the temp. 21 hours and out of the bath ...
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