Winners of the Super Bowl Throwdown...

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That was a good run. For me - I had to go with the one that offered, of all things, Whiz.

Ya never had one until ya had one wit Whiz.

Congrats to not only the winners but everyone who presented.
Congrats fellas! All your entries looked really good! All the entries looked great! You should all be receiving my address shortly for my grub hub box of your winning entries to be mailed out! :emoji_blush:

Congratulations to the winners!!!!

I want to thank all who entered. All you folks submitted awesome entries and as I said in the other thread, I'm kind of glad I don't get to vote. That was one tough field to try and pick winner out of. It was an epic throwdown for sure!
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Congratulations to the winners but really congratulations to all that entered everyone of those entries looked awesome and I certainly would have enjoyed any of them while watching the game. Hopefully all of you will write a thread about your entry and include the recipe there are several I'd like to try making
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Congrats to the winners. Best throwdown I've seen yet. Great Job everyone.
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Congrats to all answer some awesome prizes awarded! Glad I stayed on the porch with those great offerings 😅

Holy smokes, I go out of town for a couple of days and came back to this! I want to say congrats to all and thanks for the opportunity to share! I can honestly say, I never would have used moose in these ways without this competition and they are now my favorite way to eat them. The individual that gifted me the moose wants to come over and have me teach him how to do all three because he has another 250 lbs. in his freezer to eat......
Great job fellas! Helluva spread of tastiness! Im pretty sure I gained 8 lbs just looking at the entries !
Congratulation xray xray , jcam222 jcam222 , and civilsmoker civilsmoker !

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