Wifes first ABT's..

Discussion in 'ABT's' started by skywarnflorida, Nov 14, 2010.

  1. Ingredients.. She soaked the peppers in milk to take some of the heat off.. Stuffed and ready to go.. On the smoker with the fatty...
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  2. thebarbequeen

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    Those look super tasty! Love me some Old Bay - it goes into practically everything I cook! Aidell's is always good, too. She did a beautiful job, and the fatty's lookin good, too...
  3. mballi3011

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    I second that for it aqll looks great and I bet their quite yummO too,
  4. chefrob

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    lemme git dis wright.............you got yer lady to make Q for you?   [​IMG]
  5. scarbelly

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    Congrats man that is a great looking smoke. Tell her she gets points on the ABT's too. 

    Ya know if you were not a chef, yours might cook for you too - Just sayin
  6. flash

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  7. rbranstner

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    They look wonderful to me!!
  8. realtorterry

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  9. Good lookin stuff!
  10. Thanks to everyone for the comments. You just made Wife's night!! 
  11. scarbelly

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    I highly encourage you to make your wife a part of this - Mrs Scar grabs the camera when I forget and gets the pics and the $$$$ shot
  12. meateater

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    That jug in the back, is that ricotta? Those are some rocking looking ABT's! You, I mean the wife get's [​IMG]for that.

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