Whole Beef Hind Quarter????

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  1. Hey Fellas,

    I'm currently deployed overseas and we get shipments of food time to time and we recently received a whole beef hind quarter. It's in the freezer now but we were contemplating on a way we could cook it whole. We've built a smoker but it is much to small to do a hind quarter. I thought about maybe digging a whole and throwing it in with some coals or something along that sorts but have never dealt with having to cook that large of a block of meat. Our main source of cooking is with coals. We also have a stove and oven but obviously not useful for this particular job. If there is anyone who has any ideas on how we could tackle this thing it would be greatly appreciated.
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    I would save the Prime cuts, Short loin/Tenderloin and Sirloin for Steaks to be Grilled. Then smoke off the whole Round, aka Steam Ship Round separately. As an entire quarter the the Prime cuts will be Well done and worthless before the large Leg gets to Mid/Rare. If need be the Shank on the Leg can be cut off so the rest of the leg fits the smoker...JJ


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    Cooking something that big would make getting it from 40 IT to 140 IT nearly impossible.

  4. Thanks guys for the info. I made a mistake in my initial explanation. I just went and looked at it and It isn't a whole beef hind quarter, it is just the Round and the Shank. I'm sure some smart fellow along the way took the choice cuts before it got out to us!!

    Chef JimmyJ, I think we will take the route of the Steam Ship Round and see how she turns out. Thanks again for your help
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    Looks like the experts already gave you great advice...Good Luck and let us know how it goes!  And a big Thank You for your service to our country!  [​IMG]


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