What's your 'other' hobby?

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I have a good size sports card collection but haven't been actively collecting for quite a while so not sure if I would still consider it a hobby or not.
I collected a long time ago, stopped about 25 years ago. Every few years I like to get them out and take a look. I have 5 or 6 vendor packs that have never been disturbed (can still see the offset in the card stack) plus lots of singles, packs, and specialty cards. 99% Baseball cards, Topps, Donruss, Fleer, and Upper Deck mostly. Been a few years, might be fun to take a look.
Smoking and curing meats, but I also play with knives and rescale them, meaning I put beautiful wood handles on them. Most I just give away to friends and family, I keep some but most go out.

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That's some beautiful work! Years ago, as a hobby, my father did leather work. He had a good buddy who did knives with similar beautiful handles in them...then he'd get dad to make a scabbard for them. For a while there they had a decent side hustle going.

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I had just mentioned in another reply to an older post that many moons ago I had a couple of Traxxas T-MAX trucks plus a giant box of parts and tools, spare bodies etc. Everything I had was nitro though. Always found it more satisfying to tinker with.
I like the electric, plug them in and go. I've got the X-Maxx and Sledge that I run most. Not really run, I jump and flip them.
A few kids a couple houses away have some pretty badass and fast ones. Beats the crap I had in the late 80's.
40 to 45 mph on either one I have if I run them on the street.
Hunting, fishing, cooking, sitting by a campfire, making noise...
I race RC buggy's every tuesday night. Also camping, and following around (sometimes helping with) my son-in-laws NHRA Top Alcohol Dragster team. Mainly I look pretty and sometimes cook for them there, sometimes I get to help push the car up to the line...they get to do all the fun stuff and I get to ask silly questions.
What I've given up:
Off-road motorcycle riding
Woodworking 😭

What I still do:
Pizza Making
Bread making
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Work Shirker's match today so I will be Cowboy Action Shooting. It's going to be a chilly 39* and damp but I'm going to brave it. Cabin fever is starting to set in and I need to shoot somethin. The new 45 Colt open tops are begging for some attention.
mr mac mr mac are those ham setups? I've always been interested in ham radio.

Yes, Jim. The first one is the HF rig that I've used to talk to Russia, French Polynesia, England, etc. The second, smaller unit, uses FM where I've contacted the ISS, or uses digital com via computers to talk to folks anywhere on the planet!
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