What's the deal with flies ?

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Feb 1, 2012
Rio Rancho, NM
We have very few flies normally.
But when I fired up the new smoker yesterday they showed up.
No food cooking, just doing the burn-in.
They hung around until today.
Is it in their DNA, "where's there's smoke, there's food". Haha

Not a great picture, and this isn't all of them.
Flies 2023-09-21.jpg
Me too. We have lots of little lizards here. They spend a lot of time stalking flies.
Bad here too. Green biting flys, and gnats. Hay and alfalfa fields around us, the cows are about a mile away.

When we lived in S, FL the bees would come out when I fired up some smoke.
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Clean pennies in a Mason jar . A couple inches in the bottom . Cover with water and set it in the sun .
Not so much flies here as it is the gnats!!! You step out side and they swarm....Its almost like a biblical plague!

Same. I pulled over to take a leak last night driving home and left the truck door open. When I got back in it - every gnat in SC was on my navigation screen. Thousands. Maybe millions.

I opened all 4 windows, the slider in the back, and the moonroof to blow them all out. Got all of them but about 100........................................................
I live on a farm. You'd think they could find plenty of cow pies or dead stuff to keep them occupied, but no, they flock to my barn, which has no livestock in it, just me and the dogs.
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