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Mar 7, 2018
Ontario Canada

Pepperoni rode a pony
to smokingmeatforums website
loaded up on good smoked Jerky
then rode quickly out of sight

All wondered
where he’d gone
until he boomeranged
with plenty of empty saddlebags
and his entire gang!

They ate and ate
some danced and sang
then rode away
at end of day
carrying booty
in saddlebags
filled with all
that came their way
Smoked Salmon, Jerky
and Pepperoni
were carted off
on that cowboy’s pony.


“Smoke ’em !”
yelled Jerky
throwing alder on the fire
those salmon are ready
to expire!
Pepperoni joined him
and between the two
came into view
on the Internet.
Soon everyone knew
this famous site
had replaced
their porridge
Don’t risk deception
I’m warning you.
Choose the snack of champions
whatever you do.

If you need a snack
or want a meal,
Listen Up!
’cause here’s the deal,
Instead of just
droolin’ ’round
dive right in
quit foolin’ ’round.

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