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  1. jjpiv33


    I'm not really sure where this thread belongs, so if i need to move it please tell me. I've making a lot of sausage this summer, Venison, pork, beef and chicken. Everything from British bangers, to kielbasa, to Texas beef sausage. I am definitely getting better with my technique, but i would...
  2. D

    Brisket burgers.!

    I just got my first meat grinder and brisket happened to be on sale this week. I picked up 9 pound brisket. how should I go about about grinding this up? Should I trim some fat off. And if I were to leave it whole what would the ratio be? What spices should I add to the ground burger? any...
  3. M

    I want to make a homemade smoker, and i have these stainless steel. Any ideas?

    I found this around my house, stainless steel, please see pics attached. I want to know if i can make a smoker with these. I was thinking like a vertical smoker, but i don't know if is thick enough for example, and i would like some ideas please, and what else would i need. I have a gas bbq...
  4. JustinCale70

    Brisket rubs

    Sorry if this is already posted. I tried searching and couldn’t find anything. I’m new to the group. I am building a UDS smoker this week after doing research for months. This weekend I want to smoke a brisket. I’m currently looking for a non spicy rub. I made a smoked pork loin 3 weeks ago in a...
  5. dirtsailor2003

    Bacon Season has arrived

    A few weeks ago our Costco had bellies on sale so I picked up two nice ones to make into bacon. I like to dry cure and cold smoke my bacon. I had planned on smoking on the 24th of October, but life got in the way so Smoke day will be Nov 2nd. I will be cold smoking and plan on smoking 18 hours...
  6. SmokinAl


    I took the last 2 sticks of the UMAi pepperoni that I had made a few days ago & made a pizza with it last night. Even Judy was impressed, and she is a tough crowd. It was a simple pizza just Mozz, parm, Italian seasoning, & all the pepperoni I could get on the top. I cheated on the dough &...
  7. SmokinAl

    Homemade English muffins-made on a flat top!! step by step, w/qview

    We got a propane flat top a few days ago and have been cooking up a storm. Looking for things to cook on it, Judy(my wife) came across a recipe for English Muffins. The cool thing is they are not baked in the oven, they are cooked on a griddle pan. Here's the ingredients: 14 oz lukewarm milk...
  8. SmokinAl

    Judy's Buns

    My wife is an incredible baker. I don't know why I don't weigh 400 lbs!  These just came out of the oven. Points for Judy?? Thanks for looking, Al
  9. SmokinAl

    Homemade Mozzarella, it's so easy! Plenty of Q-view!

    First off let me post the recipe I went by. Then I'll go through the steps. Mozzarella cheese Dissolve ¼ rennet tablet in ¼ cu. of non chlorinated water. Heat 1 gallon of whole milk (not ultra pasteurized) in a stainless steel pot ( don’t use aluminum or cast iron ) on med/low ( 4-5 ) until...