Wedding Smoke

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Feb 27, 2018
Knoxville, TN
Was asked to cook several months ago for a in-laws wedding and I of course accepted even though this was my first "catering" gig if you will. Cooked for several large parties before but never for 150 people at once.

Started out wit 70 pounds of raw pork shoulder. Seasoned up with tx smoker tx smoker pork rub altered with a little less salt.


Got those rolling with hickory smoke. Getting the fixin's ready for the baked beans. Onion, Jalapeno, and Bacon.

3 full size pans of beans after 5 hours of smoke.

Butts are finishing up.

Made two sauces. My spicy concoction and Jeff's sauce.

16 pounds of sausage getting some hickory.

Wife helped me pull all of the pork. Ended up with 4 full size pans.

My daughter by my side with the mac and cheese sauce. She likes to help out.

4 half pans of mac and cheese.

4 half pans of slaw.

Loaded up the back of the car plus some in the back seat.

The buffet. I didn't do the deviled eggs, the pan of green beans, or the kids food but everything else.

To go pans I packed up for family and neighbors.

Took me around 3 days to get everything done but everyone seemed to enjoy it. Heard several nice things from the guests. Hadn't posted in awhile so figured I would throw this one out there. Thanks for taking a look!

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That's an awesome job with alot of awesome looking food! Way more than anything I would be comfortable doing! Glad it turned out so well and of course the help from wife and daughter! I kinda figured your daughter would be like dad and wear flip flops! :emoji_blush:

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Holy smokes John...literally man. That was a monumental effort there buddy but well done. Great grab a 12-pack, sit down, and relax a bit. You certainly earned it.

OMG, John!!
That's Fantastic!!
You did an Awesome Job!!
I'm proud of You!!
Now people will be beating down your door to get you to do their Shindigs!!!

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Boy howdy John, you pulled off a ton of fine work right there, I sure it was greatly appreciated by all who got to attend. Big like amigo, great job! RAY
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Awesome work and a lot of it! Wow! It really paid off, that looks like a better spread than most weddings I’ve been too and I know it tasted better! Thank you for sharing and congrats on being a delicious and filling part of a great day for your fam!
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Man John you nailed it like I knew you would. I’m sure the wedding party and guests were very satisfied!! Also love seeing your daughter cooking with you, good family bonding time.
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