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Weber Genesis w/smoker Baby Back ribs & Bacon (for da beans).

Discussion in 'Pork' started by manzwood, Dec 11, 2013.

  1. manzwood

    manzwood Fire Starter

    My first attempt at Baby Back Ribs.

    The uncured Bacon was an after thought to smoke and add to the BBQed Beans.

    Ready to slice and serve!

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  2. Looks awesome! Nice job! 

  3. Is it me or is that the BIGGEST slab of Babyback ribs in the world?
  4. manzwood

    manzwood Fire Starter

    OMG I just showed the post to the Wifie and She said "dumb azz those were spare ribs ya did, and they were darn good"

    So now I have to sit in the corner with the DA hat on!

    This was the pic that I should have posted!
    • Thanks and Nice catch Bama BBQ!
  5. LOL.  I hear ya Bro.  They look fantastic no matter what kinda ribs they are!
  6. radio

    radio Master of the Pit

    I think the faulty memory and confusion about your ribs has something to do with what kind of chips you been burnin' in the Weber. [​IMG] You try to tell me it's Manzanita, but there is another thing that is smoked that starts with an "M" that causes confusion and memory lapses[​IMG][​IMG]

    Lookin' good my friend, and keep smokin!
  7. manzwood

    manzwood Fire Starter

    Ya?  I also heard that the "other stuff" makes everything taste like Cheetos!

    Hummm smoked Cheetos, now theres something to ponder...NOT