Warning! Unconventional Smoke Method coming....

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  1. [​IMG]Ok, guys, this is a warning, I will be doing my first Brined Turkey tomorrow.  Will be starting the Brining in just a little while, 

     I am going to use the General Brine that most of you guys use, just have to run to the store first.

    When I say Unconventional,it is What I smoke the bird in, and you will get pics, so please don't laugh, because it has served us well since 2006.

    I'm gonna put what I have learned here from all of my friends and you will get to tell me what ya think!

    [​IMG]  Just don't laugh, Hubby says you guys will laugh me off the Forum. (I told him ya'll won't do that)
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  2. bearcarver

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    You got me Sucked in--

    I won't laugh---I never did a whole Turkey myself.

    Be Back:


  3. pit 4 brains

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    I love unconventional..
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    Ok, promise no laughing............not even a smile [​IMG].
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    Waiting to see this.
  6. WAITING.......no smiles either.

  7.                                                                [​IMG]

                                           There's always gotta be one in every crowd...

                                            it usually turns out to be me...       [​IMG]

                                             and now back to our scheduled q-view
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    I'm in.

    I promise I won't even smile.

    But he will.  [​IMG]  

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    Okay I'm hanging out to see the photos!

    I like unconventional cooking gear!!!
  10. dirtsailor2003

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    Smoke away!!!
  11. julius

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    Curious to see what you're using...
  12. chef jimmyj

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    Geez Louise....What a TEASE! Post the Pics already!...JJ
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    Me too!

  16. Ok, here are the pics. Due to the fact I didn't check the batteries in my camera, I didn't get pics of the brine, but got them charged for this morning!
    Stuffed the butt with Celery, 1/2 an onion and Carrots after putting S&P on the inside (Light on the Salt) Rinsed it too

    Other 1/2 of the Onion in the neck Rubbed with EVOO and Dry Rub Massaged in the back

    I close the neck with a Bamboo skewer 

    Notice the Roasting pan???

    Had to rinse the Pecan chunks to get the dust and Sand off (We live in the High Desert, and with the wind, everything gets acoat of sand on it)

    Here is where it gets unconventional...THIS smoker I came up with all on myown. Few yrs ago, we lost our home (thanks Barnie Frank) and had to move into a Motel.I managed to feed us on this Grill, along with a Hot Plate, and a Mini fridge

    My way of lighting the coals

    Forgot to get pic with the chunks in there

    Hubby fired it up (wood is not in yet)

    Turkey Broth for the bottom of the roaster! Gotta put some moister in there! Used the Neck and Giblets,( Onion Celery, Carrots and a little Sage, Garlic powder) Put some back for Gravy.

    My "Tuneing Plate" (Old cookie sheet)

    Tented and Legs covered  (This stays on for the first 20 minutes )

    Ready to go....

    Tried to get a photo with the "Thin Blue smoke" but it really didn't show[​IMG]

    Foil removed and Probe inserted....

    After about 1 1/2 hrs, Basting

    Coals about gone, so added a few more so it will finish.

    I will add the rest of the picks when we get ready to pull the bird...(hubby is trying to out think me and is making me a nervous wreck! I'm gonna go fix me a drink![​IMG]
  17. meskc

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    Looks good.
  18. Wow, that must be a challenge! Looks like you don't have much room to spare on that grill.
  19. unclejhim

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    To quote an old smart guy, " necessity is the mother of invention" looks like that applies here. Great job!![​IMG]   and [​IMG]
  20. I thank you guys for all the kind words! I am waiting for the Potatoes to get done, then I will post the Plating pics.

    Has anyone ever done all the cooking/smoking and then been so tired that they were not hungry?? It is 103 degrees here, so I am not really that hungry, but we have a friend who is waiting on a plate, he just got back from the hospital, and I told him to just rest, and I would send Hubby over with dinner.

    Thanks Uncle jhim for the points! ( Took me a few minutes to figure out how to post pics!)[​IMG]

    (My two girls are waiting patiently for their pieces of Turky skin and their Carrots!

    PitBulMom takes care of her FurKids![​IMG]

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