Vitamix Blending Lemon or Lime for Zest + Juice Marinade?

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Dec 30, 2016
For any of you Vitamix owners (or hardcore blender owners), have you ever just obliterated whole lemons or limes to create your lemon or lime marinades?

I love the flavor of zesting and juicing limes to marinate and make fajita lime chicken BUT I despise the act of zesting, it takes more time and effort than I care.

I had the idea of just tossing the things whole into my Vitamix and letting it turn everything into a liquid but figured I would ask all you amazing folks if you ever have done such a thing and how it turned out.

Let me know. Worst case I just test it out on my own and report back :D
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I blend whole lemons for lemonade and lemon water. Never used it in a marinade. There's like 5x the amount of vit C in the peel than the juice/pulp alone, but there's also the oil. It is a lemon flavor bomb, too. I keep mine refrigerated, and it kinda gells once cold. I have to use a little mixer to break it down once it gells, otherwise you get these little floating blobs of face-puckering lemon.

I've got a batch in the fridge I'll take a pic of in a few moments.
Here you go. That below was two lemons and about a cup of water.

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Here you go. That below was two lemons and about a cup of water.

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Oh nice!

I guess I'll obliterate mine. I just wonder how strong it will be vs zest and juice. Gotta figure out how many pounds of meat it will work with.

I think about 3-4.5 pounds of meat was good with 4 limes worth of juice and zest (with rinds thrown in marinating bag with the meat).

So will have to figure this out for sure lol.
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