Video games?

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Brian really sounds like you have carpal tunnel in your hands / wrists. If that is it and the doctor says about the surgery , go for it .

Mona had to have both of hers done ( not at same time ) she could hardly hold a fork sometimes , it would just fall out of her hands .
Pain so bad some times I would see her slamming fists onto table to try and stop the pain.
Its been a few years now and her hands /wrists are still doing fantastic.

Her problem was also mostly from playing hand held video games .

How long was recovery?
Just got my appt. Jan 11 first avail. Wait another week for them to calm down and think I will try those exercises.

That's great Brian, yes do the exercises, but keep the appointment even if you think they are better by then.
Mona's felt ok every once in a while , and then bang could barely close her hand , it would come and go depending on what she was doing , I took her hand held games from her also during that time as i figured that was causing it or at least not helping.

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