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Discussion in 'Pork' started by 93mustangman, Mar 1, 2011.

  1. 93mustangman

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    ok so i smoked some ribs on a rib rack for about 6 hours. didnt test the temp but looked good on the outside. not as tender as i would have wanted. 2 full racks in the fridge. can i resmoke them or are they wasted? ive read some as to wrap em in foil with some apple juice. put them back on the smoker at 230-240 or just in the oven for a couple hours? any help is greatly appreciated. i know i need to learn patience in this...grrrrrrr.
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    You really dont give enough info to help figure out the problem .But ,yes you can preheat oven to 230° seal ribs in foil w/ a lil apple juice or you may like cranberry juice. and heat them for an hour and check them. may need to go another half hour if they are not quite tender enough.

     And you need patience for sure in this hobby, lol
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  3. fpnmf

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    We need more info!

    Baby backs or spares or beef?

    What are you  smoking with?

    And pictures!

    There is tons of info here.

    Take a look at the Wikis for 2-2-1 and 3-2-1 methods for ribs.

    The search tool works great too!

     Have fun!!


    It is a good idea to go over to roll call and introduce yourself.
  4. tyotrain

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    welcome to SMF..

    ok some info were they spare ribs or baby back.. most people on here do the 3-2-1 for the spare ribs and 2-2-1 for the baby back.. what that means is 3 hours on the smoker  than take them of and  wrap in foil back on the smoker for 2 hours than the last hour back on the smoker no foil to firm them up.. Same steps with the baby back ribs.. baby backs have less meat so that is why only 2 hours for the first step.. when you foil add some apple juice not to much just some to give it some moisture.

    hope this helps ya... happy smoking .
  5. 93mustangman

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    thanks for the replies so fast. i used a oklahoma joe smoker with lump wood coals( PITA might i add, didnt know i would be out there all day watching the temp) plus i got up at about 530 to smoke a 13lb briskit *whew*. beer and patience is what the guys at worked have talked about. i used hickory and mesquite chips thruout the first several hours of smoking, as for the pork ribs i used soaked apple chips. i tried to keep the temp at about 225-250 although i did have a bit of a time for about an hour where i had to just load up my chimeny and add a whole bunch more coals. the wood burns pretty fast. is it better to use lump coal or to get some logs of mesquite and such? i think they were spare ribs as they had the extra flap of meat on the top. i also didnt mess with the membrane on the bone side. i know i should have but its a bi!ch to get off. and please feel free to call me a dumdum. i appreciate the criticisim. i like yall want to have some awesome ribs to eat at the dinner table. thanks again
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    Welcome to SMF. I urge you to take the free 5 day e course. Like the others said you need to have a lot of patience with this hobby. As tyotrain says the 3-2-1 or 2-2-1 methods for ribs are just about fool proof. I would also suggest you purchase a couple of good temp probes, or a dual probe. You need one for the grate & one for the meat. Although with ribs we don't probe the meat. There done when you can pull the bones apart easily, but not pull the bone out clean. Good luck!

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