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Vampire Pork

kilo charlie

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Joined Sep 25, 2017
Since I was already firing up the smoker for pulled pork I figured I'd try a new experiment that I'll call Vampire Pork just because I can.

Started with a 50/50 mix of coarse ground black pepper and smoked Kosher salt and a whole mess of garlic cloves.

(For easier "peeling" of all those cloves, I simply threw 3 whole small bulbs in a Tupperware bowl, slapped the lid on it and shook the heck out of it.)


Using a paring knife, I poked a bunch of holes in the pork shoulder and promptly filled with a garlic cloves.

After all the garlic cloves have been snuggled in their beds.. a simple rub with the salt/pepper mix.

Zero Dark Thirty and the pork is on!
With a 60# hopper full of pellets and a full water pan I can probably have a nap. Yes, I used my headlamp to get this picture.

Sitting at 165 right now.. and obviously the sun came up!

kilo charlie

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Joined Sep 25, 2017

As expected, a sample of the bark was salty from the 50/50 mix.
When pulled and mixed together it's the perfect mix. It's not salty at all. The flavor of the garlic and the black pepper sort of alternate. Totally doing this again and again!
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Hell yes! I love this idea. It'll be garlic-y as a whole, but some of those bits are going to be off the charts full of garlic.

I dig the name, too ;).


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A family friend use to do sirloin tips like that. drill holes and shove garlic in them. It always came out great. He actually was the one that got me interested in smoking. Sadly, he passed from the big C. great guy!

I was always jealous that he had orange trees in his yard that gave him endless smoke wood.


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The Garlic is a trick my mom taught me early on for Chuck pot roast. She sliced the garlic and put it everywhere. Tip : Stab your paring knife into roast, tilt slightly to the side and slide a slice or whole clove along side the blade, then extract the Knife, Repeat, over and over.
I doubt you can put too much garlic in it, as the garlic turns sweet when cooked.
I read years ago that there are natural enzymes in garlic that help tenderize meats. Same goes for butter, but I suspect the butter may be more because the low scorch temp forces a low and slow cook which we know will make things tender.


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That looks delicious! I have a friend who is the food ministry chef at our church that is Cuban. He did one like that for the fourth of July. It was cooked on a spit with block and metal top with charcoal and wood. AMAZING!


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Heck yeah, looks delicious!

I've done similar with pork roasts, loins and some cuts of beef.
Man I love garlic.

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