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  1. Zeke2024

    Homemade Pastrami - first time attempting to make it

    Well, Here goes. I just placed the meat on my rig. It is set at 270 and I'm gonna let it roll for about 3 hours. I'll post progress pics throughout the cook
  2. Zeke2024

    Tri-Tip. Amazing Cook on My Pit Boss Pro Series 850

    One of the MAIN reasons I bought the PB Pro Series 850 was for its ability to sear. Having NEVER cooked a tri-tip on a pellet grill before, I was pumped to see the results. Wow! What an absolute pleasant surprise this turned out to be. I marinated it for about 6 hours. I then cranked up the PB...
  3. Zeke2024

    What is your opinion of PIT BOSS PRO SERIES II 850?

    Picking this up in a few days. I would love to hear some feedback thanks
  4. MrFrost

    4th of July Brisket (My 2nd Attempt at Brisket)

    Had a prime brisket for my second try at brisket. The first go went well, everyone enjoyed it, but I knew it could be improved on. On the first attempt I tried a rub that I personally ended up not caring for, so for this second one, I decided to go with a more (Texas) traditional style, even...
  5. Daba's BBQ

    Sale on Pellets at Walmart

    8/7/22 Good afternoon to my fellow pellet smokers, I just picked up 60 pounds of Pit Boss pellets (Hickory and Competition) at Walmart. Total price - $24.00
  6. D

    Rust inside brand new Pit Boss smoker - need advice

    Hi there, I just bought and put together a brand new Pit Boss Platinum Laredo 1000 smoker, which is one of the ones that is only sold at Walmart. I thought I checked it pretty thoroughly before setting it up, but unfortunately some rust managed to hide from me til I stuck my head all the way...
  7. reformedvegan

    Help w/ AMNTS cold smokin in a Pit Boss pellet "grill"

    Folks, I have one of the PB 700-series models. I tried cold-smoking cheese this weekend with my 12" AMNTS, and I was disappointed with the thick, white smoke it produced and the bitter, acrid, chemical taste of the cheese after smoking. I have vacuum sealed the cheese and plan to let it mellow...
  8. THutson67

    First chuck

    Tried chuck for the first time, each about 1.5 lbs. I just used some Excalibur steak and roast rub. Smoked around 200 for a couple hours, then bumped to 225. I wrapped in foil at 160 IT and took them to 208. Planned on supper, these were done at 1 pm (started 7 am, I had no clue on time.) I kept...
  9. N

    Need help with next brisket!

    Hey guys. Just to clarify, I'm smoking on a pit boss 820 pellet grill. I'm planning to smoke my next brisket and could use some pointers. The first brisket I smoked was 12 lbs. untrimmed. I put the brisket in and 10PM , smoked at 250 and wrapped at about 4 AM. A mistake I made was probing the...
  10. reformedvegan

    Help me with my first pork butt?

    First time with a real long cook on a big piece of meat. I got a 9 lb. pork butt at the store yesterday. I'm planning to serve it at 5:30 p.m. tomorrow. I plan to cook this on my Pit Boss 700s. My understanding is: mustard and cover w/rub let rest in fridge for 12 hours fill pellet cooker...
  11. Hambone-Hambone

    All the questions!

    Hi, new to the site, spent about 6 hours reading thread after thread on bark yesterday and it seems like this is the spot for questions! So here goes! I'm a 34 y/o Vet who just got into smoking. I've been grilling since I was a kid. Grill: Just bought a Pit Boss 1000sc First Toy: Thermoworks...
  12. D

    Pit boss vertical series 5 smoke setting

    Ahoy! New member here... I've got a new pit boss series 5 vertical pellet smoker. My question pertains to the smoke setting on the temp controller should anyone know I've used other pit boss grills in the past which have the "P-setting" smoke temp option on them. My vertical smoker has a smoke...
  13. W

    Pellet overload -PitBoss

    The heating elements on these pit boss smokers must burn out easily, Starts out working just fine, After an hour, heat stops and the augger fills the pit full of pellets? Anyone having same experience?
  14. Rmartinez2

    Another Turkey Thread

    Hey everyone I know there's going to be and are a bunch of these but, well, I like to share. I had a 10# and a 12# bird which I brined for 15 hours each. My brine consisted of salt, sugar, thyme, rosemary, onion etc. I used the briner bucket which is awesome. One bird brined in the spices with...
  15. L

    Pitboss 820 Issues(hot rod or electrical)

    I've got a Pitboss 820 i bought from lowes a few months back, we used it a few times with great results but after the fourth or so time, the device stopped heating. I did some research and settled on the hotrod not working. Ordered a new one and swapped it out. After which, it still did not heat...
  16. thebattman

    Masterbuilt dying - Help me decide next smoker:

    My Masterbuilt MES140S is beginning to show signs of problems (almost 2 years old). Rust around case where door gasket meets case, and randomly quits heating to a temp above 200 degrees. So I've been looking at options for a new smoker (Won't buy another Masterbuilt), and I think I've narrowed...
  17. kilo charlie

    Vampire Pork

    Since I was already firing up the smoker for pulled pork I figured I'd try a new experiment that I'll call Vampire Pork just because I can. Started with a 50/50 mix of coarse ground black pepper and smoked Kosher salt and a whole mess of garlic cloves. (For easier "peeling" of all those cloves...
  18. itscmacyo

    Pit Boss Austin Xl

    Hey ther . I just got myself a Austin XL. Just wondering if someone can help me out. Should I use the hood thermometer gauge or should I use the actual temp on the controller. I have a grill thermometer in there too. All 3 are giving different temp .
  19. S

    Pit Boss - over-smoked jerkey?

    i have a PitBoss series 5. I made a batch of jerky using Bear’s method (long drying process with small increases in temp). However because even the lowest temp produces smoke it resulted in an over-smoked taste (but excellent texture). How do I reduce the smoke flavour? Do I just empty the...
  20. ewsouth

    Grilled Whole Red Snapper Recipes?

    Hi All! New here to the SMF and love it! I rock a Pit Boss 1100 Pro Series, and today i picked up two whole fresh Red Snapper from the Fabian Seafood truck....now any good recipes that anyone uses on whole grilled fish? I've done Salmon but not Snapper yet. Cheers! Eric