Vacuum seal with rub-freeze

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May 2, 2020
I just picked up my first vacuum sealer. And I stocked up on ribs. Has anyone tried putting the rub on and then freezing them?
eh you might not want to do that the rub develops this kinda taste from being in the bag and freezer kinda a for lack of a better word plastic flavor
I love my vacuum sealer and VS as much as I can but putting "flavored" raw meat just didn't do well for me and I use the Food Saver VS
Maybe some one else has a different experience but that is mine
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I never did it, except for my Vac Sealed Meats that I'm going to Sous Vide.
I put a pack of Dry Lipton's French Onion Soup in the bag with the Roast, before freezing.
Then if I want I can either thaw it before SV, or add an extra hour & drop it in while it's still frozen, because it's already seasoned. Works Awesome.

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