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  1. ThePreacherMan

    Freezer Full of Beef

    Got my steer back a few days ago. I think this should last me a while! Got another one on the way in two weeks. The smoke is gonna be rolling nonstop!
  2. J

    Vacuum seal with rub-freeze

    I just picked up my first vacuum sealer. And I stocked up on ribs. Has anyone tried putting the rub on and then freezing them?
  3. loosechangedru

    Freezing multiple briskets

    Found a decent enough deal on briskets, and I was thinking to buy 3-4. I read somewhere on here to wait 30-45 days after it was packed to open the cryo-vac packaging. A) can anyone confirm that? And B) Should I wait and then freeze? Thanks in advance! I will repay in brisket qview 3-4 times...
  4. loosechangedru

    Chest freezer outside?

    I think chest freezers fall under the sub forum "equipment," but please feel free to move this if it's in the wrong place. I recently got my hands on a ~18 cubic ft chest freezer for FREE, I just had to pick it up. Lightly used, I plugged it in last night and it seems to be working great. I...