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I use Chromium Browser on Linux. Im unable to upload pics . In order to upload pics i have to do it in firefox which i dont like using . Is there a way to fix this problem ?

What issue are you having? We have other users on Linux that can use Chromium and I haven't heard of any issue.
I don't seem to be able to upload pics unless I use Firefox. When I go to upload a pic ,it acts like its going through the motion but nothing is happening

I just downloaded Chromium and used it with no issue. Was able to upload as normal. Have you tried reinstalling it? Is it the latest release?
lets try this


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Looks good to me
Catfish61x Catfish61x After you uploaded it did you go down to the picture and click on thumbnail or full screen? If you didn't then it wont show in the text field until you post it.
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In the sad post below the user has a clickable YouTube video, How is this done?

In the sad post below the user has a clickable YouTube video, How is this done?

you just insert the shared link from youtube in your response and it will show up like that when you post.
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If you want to add a link to existing text, you don't simply paste/insert the link. That will work for inserting a link, but the person looking at your post will be staring at a long URL, for instance:


Instead, first type the text, e.g.:

Link To Previous Post

Then select that text.

Link To Previous Post

Finally, with the text selected, click the link button (looks like two chain links) at the top of the editing area, and paste the link into that box. When you click on OK, your link will be complete. Here is that live link:

Link to Previous Post
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