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Jun 1, 2008
Just a little feature and clearing up what may be confusing. So you can upload pictures a few ways depending if its a file from your computer or from a site like Flickr. So if your using the IMG tag you can just put it in with the text. You can use the picture icon

Then paste the url in the box that pops up.

But if you want to upload a bunch of pictures from your computer you can either click "upload a file" below the text box or click and drop them in the text box.
Upload files.jpg

Here is where I think this is a cool feature. Once you have attached all the picture you want they will show in a box below the text box.

What this allows you to do is type your thread then just go to this box and click on either full image or thumbnail and it will insert the picture right where your typing.

So like I said this is a cool feature in my opinion. I hope this helps and doesn't confuse anyone.

Also if you do not insert the images into the text then it will just show the file as an attachment instead of inserted into the text.



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There are multiple ways to upload
I like the upload a file. I know where all my stuff is on both my phone and computer. Easy to get to. Different than the way it was done on old platform. I think its better now.
Took me 3 HOURS
The Pie was faster making I give up
Clicked on so many things I don't know what worked :confused:

Richie are you uploading from your computer?
Yes from my Desk Top
It was not fun

Ill see if I can put together a better step by step for you. It really isn't hard but I know it can be confusing. Ill try to work on it today for you and everyone.
When I posted some pictures from my computer I chose full size. The pictures loaded HUGE--dimention wise. I had to go back into my files and resize all the pictures (4 x 5 just as an example) before posting them. Whats this?? Never had this problem anywhere before.
I would like to make my pierogies post in the test area. ? Would it be possible to move if it works or delete if it doesn't.
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